oksana j  beautiful job! gorgeous wedding!  11.16.11, 11:13pm
ang  it was such a great day! so honored to have been part of this. and Amanda...you are stunning in that dress!!! Ksenija you did such incredible work. it's such a dreamy wedding and you really captured that. xo  11.16.11, 11:03pm
Aya  OMGosh, Ksen!!!! These are AMAZING!!!! WOW. I LOVE that you included the personal touch with asking the "3 questions" and sharing it with us, as well as the new format you have here showing the pictures....I love how it reads like a book! The shot of Amanda on the stairs is absolutely breathetaking....WOW...what a lucky couple to have SUCH amazing pictures to not only relive the images, but the FEELINGS too! LOVE, love, love!!!  11.11.11, 1:03pm
ksen :)  thanks SO much everyone. you all make me smile,,, as do the amazing Amanda & Derek! <3  11.11.11, 11:49am
Aunt Suzy  Amazing!!! I got teary eyed again so you did a GREAT job Ksen!!!  11.11.11, 8:34am
Lynn   Loved reliving the day thru your eyes!  11.10.11, 9:14pm
Brandy  Beautiful work as always. :)  11.10.11, 6:14pm
chels  Beauti-FULLL! You never cease to amaze Ksen! :D  11.10.11, 5:56pm
Amanda  LOVE LOVE LOVE :) Thank you so much Ksen!  11.10.11, 5:25pm