Deborah 'Aya' Homeister how in the world are you just able to bring out the best in EVERYBODY Ksenija??? You must be to children, what Snow White (aka: Angela Mikula!) is to animals <3 LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your work - and YOU!  10.10.11, 7:18pm
Katie  I am so excited about this! =)  10.4.11, 9:24pm
ang  yeah!!! and i must say there are quite some cuties in these pics : )  10.4.11, 9:02pm
Kyrstin  We are certainly going to take advantage of this! Love Jude's little smirk in these!!  10.4.11, 1:56pm
Anne  This is AWESOME!  10.4.11, 11:42am
mark  what a great idea, Ksenija. Get ready for tons of people to sign up for simple sessions!!!  10.4.11, 10:47am