mark  I'm so proud of you Ksenija. You have turned this house into an incredible, warm, and creatively filled studio space. I love you.  3.21.12, 4:10pm
Jamie Bieniek  Congratulations on achieving your dream...much deserved! Best of luck on reaching more goals!  10.4.11, 12:24pm
Rima  Oh it's absolutely wonderful. A perfect space, gorgeous natural light and you have added your charm, whimsy and soul to the space. The best of luck and bounty in your new digs.  10.4.11, 11:25am
Ann Renard  Absolutely stunning! Congrads to you and your crew. Reality is intention manifested and you proved it. Can't wait to sit in the purple chair.  8.18.11, 8:46pm
ksen :)  thank you all SO much for your incredibly kind words, love & support. it is BEYOND appreciated!  8.18.11, 8:27am
Sarah  Ksen, this is so beautiful! I'm SO happy for you. You have such an amazing eye for beauty. Can I move in here, please? I love the decor. I hope one day to see this space in person when I hire you for my wedding! Just have to find my prince charming first ;)  8.16.11, 12:51pm
Olga  Beautiful! Good job, Ksenija. I know this is a dream come true and just the start of something bigger.  8.15.11, 4:24pm
danielle  so so so magic :)  8.15.11, 1:33pm
Eli Janosko  Man, I had NO clue how much work went into recreating the "essence of KSP!" Wow! GREAT job, Ksen and crew!! Gorgeous!  8.14.11, 11:20pm
Jennifer Eicher  Ksen! Studio 54 is absolutely breathtaking. It's fresh, hip, warm, and inviting. Just like you ;). LOVE what you've done with it. xoxo  8.14.11, 8:21pm
Jaime   beautiful!!!! this is truly the scene of the love! it's all turning out so beautifully!!!! you've put SOOOOOOOOO much into it & it shows,,,,, there's everywhere! nice post ksen! keep up the special touch in EVERYTHING you do! you do it well,,, natural! :)  8.13.11, 9:17pm
Blake Johnson  It's always amazing when a strong FOCUSED DESIRE can transmute itself into REALity! Love the place, Ksen...It's its designers{You and the Man upstairs, of course;-}~~)  8.13.11, 11:04am
Aya  I am actually speechless...a rarity for me. :) But I'm just going to say I'm freakin' mega, sick, proud of you. :) You are the living example of "thoughts become things." And for your thoughts, the world(and me!) is eternally grateful. xoxo  8.12.11, 3:06pm
Dina  Wow, love your home!  8.12.11, 2:46pm
Jo Strausz Rosen  So thrilled for you. I await your invitation to a vintage Disco party at Studio 54!!  8.12.11, 2:19pm
Lisa Ragsdale  Wow it's awesome - just like you! What a fun and creative space - enjoy it! so great to see you again this past weekend!! :)  8.12.11, 1:03pm
YGUERRERO  And your dream came true!! I'm in loooove with this place :) Keep sharing your dreams & vision with the world, because we need people like you :) Congratulations!!  8.12.11, 11:23am
barbie  ksen! so impressed with you and all of your lovely, lovely ladies of studio 54...congrats and of course, well done. :)  8.12.11, 10:17am
Meghan Malley  Wow - it looks fabulous! I love all of the decorating details and touches. It seems to really reflect who you are - not only as a photographer but as a creative, passionate person. Congratulations!  8.11.11, 11:42pm
Deborah 'Aya' Homeister  Glory!!! It is SO you Ksen <3 what a flirty, invigorating yet calming environment.....couldn't be happier for you - AND - Jones! :-) May the LORD watch over all your coming and going and give you Peace. Hugs!  8.11.11, 11:31pm
julie  this is SO very happy and SO very amazing. what a great space full of creativity and beauty. congrats and love!  8.11.11, 10:48pm
oksanaj  what a gorgeous studio! congrats to you!  8.11.11, 10:38pm
Dianah  WOW! Ksenija, so much space!! What an absolutely lovely studio - a reflection of you, your hard work, your amazing creativity! You spread so much vibrancy and I love you for it!!  8.11.11, 10:27pm
Kidada  Papoose! So beautiful! Very excited for you and the new studio. Congrats to you and your team. You should be super proud you followed your gut all the way to your dream...All the best life has to offer to you. <3  8.11.11, 10:26pm
Jennifer Hillebrand  Woweee Ksen!!!! SO excited and happy for you!!! This is the perfect space for your company!!  8.11.11, 10:03pm
Heather Savas  so perfectly you. :) congratulations to you and your team ~ enjoy every square inch of it!  8.11.11, 9:40pm
Maya  You have created yet another perfection. The attention to detail is stunning and very welcoming. You have a lot to be proud of. I am so grateful that you shared this with us. Thank you for adding more beauty to this world :-)  8.11.11, 8:05pm
kimberly burnette  i'm am so proud of your amazing accomplishments and so proud of you! fulfilling a dream is one of life's greatest gifts and it makes me very full of happiness to see your beautiful art displayed in such a perfect place. <3  8.11.11, 7:46pm
kris rupp  wow!!! It is just a beautiful space!! Congratulations on making it exactly what you envisioned. Best of luck in pursuing your passion!!  8.11.11, 7:42pm
Kavita  Congratulations! Really lovely! It's perfectly KSP!  8.11.11, 7:38pm
Em  So pumped for you friend. Keep livin' the dream. Miss your face!  8.11.11, 7:34pm
Dana  Perfection.  8.11.11, 7:25pm
Brandy  This is amazing! I love love love love it!! Can I come work for you?? :) Love you. Love the space. Love your work!!  8.11.11, 5:59pm
Nela Savic  Sreco,predivno,bravo,ponosimo se sa Tobom kao I uvek! Svaki tvoj I Olgin uspeh je I nas!Zelimo ti zdravlje, napredak i sve najlepse! Neizmerno Te vole tata I mama!!!  8.11.11, 5:46pm
Sarah  Ksenija - this is amazing! Congratulations! I love every detail, especially love that the drawer handles in the make-up room look like eyelashes :)  8.11.11, 5:41pm
matt  Whoa! This looks super cool! Let us know when we can come visit! Congrats, I love the space!  8.11.11, 4:51pm