Sarah  My two beautiful girls, and my husband of almost 4 years! Thanks to you, we have so many beautiful photographs of our wedding day to help us remember what a wonderful day it was :) Life is good!  8.3.11, 11:51pm
Maris Duvall  What makes me smile? Living. Truly living life in the here and now. Not looking at how things should be, but finding the beauty in the way things are. Waking up each day and recognizing that each breath is a blessing.  8.3.11, 5:34pm
miranda  what makes you SMILE?! Most recently it has been my brother's twin boys, Noah and Owen. They will be one this month and oh the excitement in their eyes when they see me!! I love it! I wish I could really describe their reactions, from their faces to the cute noises they make!!!! It makes me smile every time!! And now even when I think about it!!! :] Hope you had a great trip!! :]  8.3.11, 4:34pm
Caitlyn  When I think of marrying my best friend in less than two months, saying our vows in front of all of our family and friends, it makes me smile. I smile when I sit on the couch with Dan and our first fur born Dexter, and realize that this is my first family. Having love in my life makes me smile :)  8.3.11, 2:26pm
Anna Schweickart  I smile when I see the adoring look in my dog, Dominos eyes. He loves me, no matter what... Melts my heart. <3  8.3.11, 12:38pm
Christy burke  Watching my daughter Keira with her daddy. We are the luckiest girls in the world to have such a wonderful man in our lives.  8.3.11, 12:09pm
jessica patrick  A good morning text all the way from Australia! Although technology and I may sometimes butt heads it brings me closer to my far-away loved ones so I’m forever thankful for it!  8.3.11, 11:54am
Abbie Schultz  My amazing pups, Charles & Henry, make me smile every, single, day.  8.3.11, 11:14am
Matt  fresh cut lawns, seeing people laughing or smiling when they're alone, waking up just as the sun's coming up, arriving somewhere and feeling like it's home.  8.3.11, 11:05am
Caroline  A whole-hearted belly laugh is the quickest way to a smile from me. :)  8.3.11, 10:37am
Laura  The morning sunshine; the chirp of the baby birds looking for their moms to feed them; the smell of the sprinklers in the air when it's warm enough to call summer yet cool because the sun hasn't greated us yet; anything & everything about the love of my life, my baby girl Milanija; the way my husband says 'I love you' as we get off of every phone call, even the "is the baby sleeping" 30 second inquiries stilll 13 years later; the look in my parents and grandparents eyes when they see their first granddaughter do something simple like say "HI!" for the 5000th time of the day b/c it's simply marvelous; the grace of God touching my life every day; the friends I've gathered along this journey called life (totally not kissing a$$ but Ksen is in the top 5 amazing ppl hands down); the new jumpsuit I picked up for 5 whopping dollars (SCORE!); the difficulties I've faced and the growth I've received from them; the possibilities that lie in front of me tomorrow; the memories of yesterday; this question for giving me a moment to stop & be present about what makes me smile; the WOOHOOOO me & my client families have when their autistic child says a new word or understands a new concept we've been working on for months, maybe years, and finally it happens b/c we never gave up hope!; The 5 year old boy I see every month that told me he liked my hair down b/c I look 20 not like how I usually look like his teacher when I wear my hair up in the bun (LMAO); but most of all I think the loves I have in my life - My family, my friends, my health, and my relationship with God. <3  8.2.11, 11:46pm
Abbey  I smile at helping others who are in need. I love making others happy and seeing a smile on someones face when something exciting is taking place!  8.2.11, 10:38pm
Sean  I smiled at the cappucino; reminded me of our recent trip to Slovenia. The moments of slowing down and watching the world go by. The peace of knowing there was no where to be but in the moment. The warmth of being near my love and her family. The joy of drinking something done so right. The hope of never reaching the bottom :)  8.2.11, 9:48pm
Matt  So many things, but right now, the making me smile champion is my daughter Ellie. Her smile, makes me smile. Even when I don't want to. :-)  8.2.11, 9:28pm
ksen :)  reading all these absolutely incredible, beautyFULL, & heartFULL comments makes me smile so BIG! keep 'em coming! LOVE! :)  8.2.11, 7:53pm
helen  i smile inside out when i am on the farm where i grew up and am watching the nature in its pure existence /// NATURE i smile inside out when i am in a café with a book and a good coffeeish drink /// CULTURE i smile inside out when a child/person starts realizing its/his/her own power and strengths /// LIVING TOGETHER  8.2.11, 3:10pm
KiKi ;-)  What makes me smile is the special relationship my kids and nephews have with thier Busha (grandma). Sebastian always asks to go to Busha's house and then runs in with the most enthusiastic smile, wraps his arms around her legs and SQUEEZES!  8.2.11, 2:10pm
Lisa  I recently got married so everyday when I wake up next to my husband ... I smile.  8.2.11, 12:28pm
Mike C  What makes me smile is knowing how much beauty there is in the world and just being able to be apart of it is such an amazing and warm feeling. How can you not smile? : )  8.2.11, 12:23pm
Aya  By the way, THIS post made me smile. Woops, that's 2 comments for me!  8.2.11, 11:37am
farrah chinderle  the most recent addition to my life, my 2 1/2 week old niece gia isabella ISN'T what makes me smile :) what makes me smile the most is the unexpected feeling of how in love i already am with her  8.2.11, 11:08am
Angie  My kids make me smile, they always do the cutest things.  8.2.11, 10:56am
Aya  I smile when I recognize the happiness within me, and those that I love dearly. The smell, touch, feel, and weight of HAPPY makes me smile.  8.2.11, 10:53am
Sarah Mignin  i smile because i'm completely blessed and couldn't be more thankful. i'm surrounded by the most amazing family, friends and love of my life. i get to wake up each day and live the life i have always imagined. it's truly breathtaking :)  8.2.11, 10:41am
Lisa   I smile because I know GOD loves me! This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine:)  8.2.11, 10:31am
mary  old friends and new friends make me smile...a note of encouragement, a random act of kindness, and my dog  8.2.11, 9:45am
Elizabeth  People make me smile. You would be surprised how cute people are when they think no one is looking. From couples at an airport to kids getting into mischief! I smile when I can catch people in the most raw form of themselves, just being them.  8.2.11, 9:41am
Briana  What makes me smile,,, hmmm,,, my husband. my puppy, especially when she comes bounding out of the doors at her daycare, so happy to see me. a cup of coffee. people's faces as you give them good news. a sunny day. a convertible ride. an ice cream cone. a heaping load of laundry coming straight out of the dryer. a package at my front door. a breathtaking sunset. oh, the list could go onandon. :)  7.31.11, 12:02am
Karel Kolar  What makes me smile is easy but very difficult question. Iam very happy person. I have awesome parents and sometimes terrible but all the time th best little sister on th world. When they smile - it makes me smile. When they are happy, Im happy too. Because I love them. I also smile, when the sun shines, when Iam on the beach, when Iam with my friends. But my family makes me smile every day. Just because they are.  7.30.11, 3:21pm
Sandy Ang  The soft purring of my kitten when he sleeps in my lap...  7.29.11, 7:02pm
Jac  Watching my angels sleep...or run through the sprinklers ;). The giggles of my boys. The first signs of spring. Puppies and kittens and babies (especially baby toes). My morning coffee makes me smile for sure! Getting to the point in my run where I think I may have to walk for a bit, when all of a sudden the perfect power song arrives to push me onward. I smile because my body loves it! Seeing an elderly couple walk down Main Street, when the man quickly turns to kiss his wife on the lips....I smile because that is how it should be. I smile in awe of the beauty of life and the world in which I am so fortunate to live. I smile at even the thought of someone inspiring someone else to dream big. Ksen, YOU make me smile! The wonderful feeling of being able to help someone. Cooking a really great meal and sharing it! As a matter of fact...warm just-out-of-the-oven brownies (or cupcakes) ;). Relaxing in the sun with a marguerita. Finishing a really good book. Finger-painting. Planting in the dirt..... I love that this question is so big that it truly cannot be answered simply. xoxo  7.29.11, 4:21pm
barbie francek  what makes me smile is knowing that at the end of a work week, thunderstorms that kept me up (scared and alone) and being the chance to have a girls only weekend with my little stepdaughter alexis, and dreaming up all the lovely crafts and giggles we can muster. :) have a lovely weekend ksen!  7.29.11, 12:34pm
Kathleen  my anna-baby makes me smile all the way down to my toes. Pure, unfiltered baby love just makes my *heart* smile!  7.29.11, 12:29pm
Jenny  So many little every day things make me smile...I love knowing that my dog Merlin thinks I'm the greatest thing in the entire world...he always makes me smile...I love getting a text or a call from my boyfriend just because (secretly he was thinking of me but always finds a "reason" to call)...or just chatting and hanging with my mom and/or my girlfriends. But the ONE thing that always stops me in my tracks every time is something that is not an ordinary occurrence, something more special, that makes me pause and reflect and smile. Let me grandpa was one of my very best friends in the whole world (growing up without a father figure present, he over-filled that role)...taught me how to ride a bike, spent hours playing games with me, swam with me in the pool for countless hours in Florida, you get the picture! He was one of the most selfless and amazing people I've ever met (my eyes are tearing up writing this). When he passed away in January 2007 it left a gaping hole in my life no one can ever fill. At his funeral the pastor used the analogy of a white butterfly that is out of its cocoon and flying freely in heaven. So, now whenever I see a white butterfly it is a wonderful reminder that my grandpa is always with me and sometimes those butterflies show up just when I need that reminder most...and make me smile :) :)  7.29.11, 11:50am
Darga  There are so many opportunities for smiles in a day: a call to my sister and in the background my nephews chanting, "I want to talk to Auntie"; the level of excitement in their stories when they talk about where the garbage goes; a peaceful, cool morning rain after a sweltering night; even more smile-worthy is a morning with a cool rain is one sleeping in waking to a slow breakfast, a favorite song, a cup of tea and my love reading a book. Nowhere to go, nothing to do but to be there, aware and content with just being; my favorite song volume up with my windows down singing; the ah!ha! moment when you realize the world is more connected than you could imagine; my love's voice when he sings out of tune, smiling the entire time; hearing another person laugh or smile; and remembering that happiness begins with happy thoughts.  7.29.11, 11:40am