Lacey Modell  just wait 'till mine!  7.30.11, 12:42pm
Brandy  Wow...what an event! I love the details and how cute with the Sesame Street theme! Awesome :)  7.14.11, 2:03pm
Aya  OHMYGOSH, I don't know where to start from! First of all, I totally remember the Modell family sesh and I absolutely ADORED the entire post! So I was so excited to see this follow up and MYGOSH have they grown into beautiful ladies!!!!(and gent too, Nathan! And still with all their goofiness intact) WOW. They are such a beautiful family, how lucky are they to have had you be able to document such amazing moments in their lives? Ruby, Mazel Tov, and WHERE DID YOU FIND THAT DRESS?! :) You have an absolutely beautiful family and it was such a delight to look through all these images. Looks like you had a blast!(I love the Sesame Street theme and all the colors too!) BEAUTIFUL <3  7.14.11, 2:00pm
Mark  Ksenija, your work continues to amaze me. The amount of raw emotion that these images capture makes me feel as if I was there. Ruby and her family are all so beautiful ! I love the Sesame Street Theme!  7.14.11, 11:50am