ksen :)  thank you for the all the love & support friends... you have NO clue how MUCH your words mean to me !!! :) xxoo  6.17.11, 1:01pm
Eli   You have NO clue how badly I needed to see and read this today. Thank you. <3  6.16.11, 3:14pm
mark  I love you more & more everyday....  6.16.11, 2:22pm
Sarshie  Ksen, I'm wowed by your beauty inside AND out every time I see you! You're right though, we are all our own worst critics. I struggle with this constantly. It's something I try to work on every day.  6.16.11, 12:11pm
Darga  Ksen - you are stunning, strong, beautiful in and out. As always, thank you so much for sharing. I love how you humble yourself in a way that opens the hearts of others. You're a truly beautiful soul... :)  6.16.11, 11:35am
trish  I love these posts. You Ksen are definitely wonderFULLY made!  6.16.11, 10:17am