Laura  Oh my goodness Ksen...I'm so so excited for you! Congratulations my beautiful lady!!! Dream bigger now, send that message out there, & the universe..well ya know the rest ;-) Love you! Congrats Team Ksenija - you girls rock!  5.23.11, 2:13am
j a i me !   oh ksenija!!! i have been pinching myself ever since that interview we had at TOAST ! you have changed my life forever & i can not thank you enough ! i can't WAIT for this up & coming move/party/transition -- you rock my life,, you know it girl ! <3 love you (all)! LOoooOOVE THESE PICS!!!  5.8.11, 11:07am
e'lisa  I'm SO happy for you and the girls!! Yippeee!!!! Big hugs!!  4.28.11, 11:38am
Kathleen  Woohoo! Congrats Ksen - one more amazingly awesome accomplishment, you are like watching a beautiful bright shooting star! Can't wait to see the new digs. And is it a requirement to have ahmazing blue eyes to work at KSP?  4.28.11, 8:36am
ang  i don't even think i have the words for how proud i am of you. watching you follow your heart, your dreams, your passion has ALWAYS inspired me & to be part of it...still seems like a dream :) you are the BEST as will your studio!! thank YOU for allowing me to be part of all of this & for brightening my life every time i am near you. xoxoxo so much love!!  4.28.11, 12:47am
chels  YAHHOOOO!! A new place...more space...what a great idea! Can't wait to see the space...and visit! XOXO Congrats KSP!  4.27.11, 10:57pm
Samantha  Congrats, Ksen! Can't wait to see the new space :-)  4.27.11, 4:55pm
mark  TEAM KSP....I can't wait to visit you guys at the new space. It's going to be such a fun summer! I'm so proud of you, Ksen!  4.27.11, 3:44pm
Heather Essian  Yay! so happy for you friend! congratulations! :)  4.27.11, 3:30pm
Julie McK  Congrats Ksen and team! Best of luck in the future!  4.27.11, 2:09pm
matt  Wow Ksen! That's awesome! I know you've worked your butt off and you put your heart and soul and everything you got into what you do. Seeing you with your team you can see that what you do is not work, it's your passion, it's your art. Congrats on your studio space!  4.27.11, 12:48pm
Aya  Okay, I just cried. So happy for you, and team ksp!!! You know my crazy dream, right?!?! I don't know how, when, where, but I dream of ksp too. ;) I can't imagine a better place to be than surrounded by the amazing energy and love you guys have. xoxoxoxo!  4.27.11, 12:41pm
Kimberly  A huge congratulations! Such a big and EXCITING step for you and your business. Couldn't be happier for the KSP team! :)  4.27.11, 12:20pm
amanda marie :)   This is just the most exciting thing! Not to mention you four are the cutest. Congrats to you talented lady, can't wait to see photos of the awesome space!! :)  4.27.11, 11:16am