YGuerrero  I love this post! You R Beautiful! and I really need to paint some walls around here ;)  4.27.11, 3:57pm
Aya  Have I told you recently how much I love and adore you? Cuz I LOVE AND ADORE YOU!!!!!  4.26.11, 8:25pm
Wen  BEAUTIFUL!  4.26.11, 3:37pm
mark  great post,Ksen.....when you return from your trip, my living room will be painted orange!  4.26.11, 1:07pm
Jennifer  I remember those orange days! In fact, when I think back to our college days, I always see you in the damn, bright orange hoodie, LOL! Love you girl :)  4.26.11, 10:30am
chels  You are RADIANT!! Love the orange and the mid-yoga inspiration from MJ...incredible! Sending mucho love to such a beautiful person! xo  4.26.11, 8:00am
trish  LOVE this post Ksen! Love the images. Many of us need that reminder. CHANGE is good! I'm ready to MAKE THAT CHANGE!  4.26.11, 7:56am
matt  Orange IS a good color. My favorite color, too. I don't have orange pants though. Love the images and the room!  4.25.11, 10:21pm
Brandy   I said it recently...if you want to make a change and the only thing holding you back is fear...DO IT...you will be happy you did! I made a huge change in my life by moving to California 4 years ago. If I would have let fear stop me, I would have always wondered what if? Without making that change, I may have not grown as much as I have, I wouldn't have had as many stories to remember or share and I may not have met my husband. Change..big or small..can make a world of a difference and change your life!  4.25.11, 9:52pm