Rod Arroyo  Nice photo shoot. Very well done!  2.15.11, 1:34pm
Jac  Kathleen, Congratulations on such a beautiful family! These photos are beautiful, I expecially love the ones in the 'woods' and the one so perfectly captioned by Ksen that Dixie is talking to you with her eyes....too cute! :-) I can't wait to see the post with Anna Sophia's big introduction! Congratulations again!  2.13.11, 10:00pm
jaime  ksen i LOVE these !!! the darker woodsy one takes my heart !!! LOVE the big chair window lit ones too <3 <3 <3 !!! cant wait o see the super cute baby to be !!!!!!  2.13.11, 9:26pm
chels  These are perfectly perfect in every way! :D The love and excitement is evident in every shot! Beauti-FULLLL Ksen! :D  2.13.11, 4:08pm
danielle  melting...i was there and i am blown away by all this goodness lovelovelove the room and outdoor pics... well all of them...but especially THOSE congratulations on your cute hi dixie!  2.11.11, 3:17pm
Katie  These are gorgeous pics. You can tell how much they love each other. Love it! =)  2.11.11, 2:30pm
Kathleen  these are so fun to see now that Anna has arrived - you do something special behind that lens Ksen! Thank you!!  2.11.11, 10:47am