Jennifer  Love you. :)  2.16.11, 9:22pm
Jac  Beautiful Ksen! For some reason, this post brings to mind the 'uncovered murals' that have been making headlines recently--most specifically the one in the RCS admin building...a painting of life as it was at the time (the 1930s in this case). As these art pieces are discovered, uncovered, and restored, the intent of the original artist is relived. So as you add to your layers, remember you are part of a masterpiece that is built upon all the love in your life. And no matter how you choose to wear it, you definitely wear it well ;)! xoxo  2.13.11, 9:58pm
jaime  i L O V E your beauty ! .....  2.13.11, 9:27pm
ksen : )  thank you thank you!! you all will never know the depth of how MUCH your words & comments FILL my heart. truly, you are so incredibly appreciated. thank you. <3  2.9.11, 5:43pm
mark  I love all 32 layers of you....just the way you are ;)  2.9.11, 10:53am
ang  how is it possible that everything you do is that much more amazing than the last. comfort is the best. happy happy 32nd year ksen- i can't wait to watch wear it takes you! i LOVE all 32 layers this : )  2.9.11, 12:16am
chels  Beautiful description of your bday! Amazing photo--32 layers--too perfect! Happy Belated Birthday Ksen! Sounds like it was a grand day! Looking forward to seeing your creativity & beauty continue to blossom over the next 11 months! xo, chels  2.8.11, 10:49pm
Olga  Very beautiful picture and sentiment.  2.8.11, 10:20pm
kerri banyas  you are truly beautiful....May 2011 bring you many amazing things! xoxo  2.8.11, 9:19pm
jan pavelco  your work is so inspirational. a really talented woman!!! i'd love to talk to you about your business!  2.8.11, 6:13pm
Aya  MYGAWD, do I love you.  2.8.11, 4:22pm
Ana  Ksen, LOVE this! You are so inspiring! =)  2.8.11, 3:58pm
Laura  I love you my dear sweet friend! I find comfort in knowing that the relationships I have (even if one of them is with an uberbusy amazing photographer that I don't see as often as I'd LOVE to), are loving, kind, and non-judgmental. And I love my snow white fleece pajama pants that I'm still wearing at 12:45 p.m. Yeah that's right because I can & I want to :p lol Love you Ksenija! You are an AMAZING AMAZING soul!  2.8.11, 12:47pm