joanne  they are precious little guys and God has blessed your family with these little ones - keep up the good parenting - your heart shows in them...♥  1.14.11, 9:14pm
ksen :)  ang,,, your words & love for your babies makes my heart well up. so beautifully written,,, straight from your beautyFULL heart. <3 :)  1.10.11, 9:58pm
danielle  i have CHILLLSSS!! I just want to SQUEEZE THEM!!! I think they are piercing my heart with their EYESSS! ANG like I always say you are a SUPER FANTASTIC SUPERWOMEN! Here's to all you MAMAsss  1.10.11, 12:09pm
Diane  Ang, I can't even begin to describe how much those babies mean to me. They fill my heart with love and joy. They are so precious and I adore them.  1.8.11, 2:55pm
Jessica  They are amazing boys. So sweet and full of spirit. My kids, and our whole family love spending time with them, and are lucky to have you all in our lives.  1.8.11, 10:48am
Eric  How perfect. I love these photos. I agree, they do open up a part of you that never existed. Lovies!  1.7.11, 11:22pm
Holly  Beautiful Ang! And they are lucky to have a mama like you!  1.7.11, 9:38pm
Nicole  Those boys have awakened a special kind of love in my heart that i never knew existed. they have added so much joy in my life...even when i dont see them!! because of those boys, we are closer as sisters. they are the best thing that ever happened to our family and i am thankful for them and for you everyday. xoxoxo  1.7.11, 9:36pm
Angela's Mama <3  Oh baby're gonna 'love them forever' - just like I'll always love you....and now them - my beloved Princes!  1.7.11, 7:23pm
Jac  Ang, they both are absolutely gorgeous!!! Nice work mama! ;)  1.7.11, 6:28pm
Brandy  Love love love your post Angela. How amazing to be blessed with such beautiful boys! Love you.  1.7.11, 5:27pm