j a i me  beautiful job ksen ! looking over this post made me feel like i took a mini-vaca too!! i love the endless lengths of your ability to really capture paws, waves, a beautiful couple (&pup), boats, wine, soft-serve[etc..etc] and mesh it all together in a full-spectrum party of a portrait session !!!  10.26.10, 9:31am
Amanda Marie  Oh my sweet goodness. You outdid yourself on this one Ksen!! SO much art, love and passion all rolled up into one shoot. Adore!!  10.24.10, 11:01pm
John & Traci Q  Hello Friend! We just got home and viewed our blog!! You captured that wonderful day perfectly! Some of the shots literally brought tears to our eyes!! We will cherish these pics and our day with you forever!! THANK YOU!  10.23.10, 1:33pm
chels  LOVE the PICS! LOVE GH! Dan & I used to spend wayyyyy too many weekends there throughout high school and college. We miss the beautiful west side of the state! Great job capturing the pier and this cute family! The "Happiness"--doggie post-ice cream is my favorite shot! :D Mucho love to you ksen...you never cease to amaze and astonish! Keep it UP! xoxo, chels  10.22.10, 10:02pm
Brandy  Love these...love the black and white one of them and the dog on the beach. :)  10.22.10, 3:56pm