Rima  How I love this trip around my city :) You have shown so many aspects of true city life. I love your "story" and the way you processed it as well. A feeling of the past and thus an enduring quality. Lovely and smiley.  11.27.10, 11:44am
Kimberly  Love these pics! Makes me want to jet off for a few days...great work!!!  10.13.10, 4:25pm
chels  love the flat iron building, love the stars, love the flag, love chelsea market! :) Love seeing NYC through your eyes...also loved the titles and photos as a fun way to share your story. Lots of L-O-V-E comin' at'cha Ksen! :D xoxoxoxo, chels  10.12.10, 9:17pm
ang  i wanna go right now! i adore this post. the feeling in your pics and what YOU see in nyc. let's go again soon!  10.12.10, 9:09am
Sarah  You never cease to amaze me, Ksen. I've never been to New York and your artistic viewpoint to the city gives me an incredible urge to take a long weekend and visit NYC!  10.6.10, 1:55pm
Ann  I love how you capture the love, joy, and playfulness in my dear daughter, Lauren. She is reflecting all those qualities in you her soul sista. Ksen, you do have the gift of seeing the essence in a person or in a place and sharing for all the world to see.  10.5.10, 9:26pm
Lo :)  Yaaaay!! Beauty<3FULL pics Ksen. "Ah!Mazing" as you would say ;) My soul smiles :-D so big every time I think of that trip! I love how you capture even the subtlest displays of the brightest beauty. Thanks for sharing these :) ...and I'm blushing at the compliments from the girls. Thanx girls! xoxo  10.5.10, 8:23pm
ksen : )  thanks girlies! &yes, i agree ~ Lo has a tendency to make many hearts smile. :D  10.5.10, 7:24pm
miranda  I love them all but i especially love love the ones with lauren in them.....makes my heart smile.  10.5.10, 3:18pm
Jac  U know I luv this!!! Love the 'shine' pic of Lo too! What a great NYC perspective through your lens....such a great city! Fantastic shots Ksen!!! xoxox :-)  10.5.10, 3:11pm