Cassie  Jaime...I don't know why you were so did an amazing job!!!! Truly absoulutely amazing...Danielle made it easy though...she is truly beautiful. What a great place for a wedding. .It was gorgeous!! You really captured their love. What a perfect couple <3 I hope I am as lucky to have you photograph me one day Jme...  3.20.11, 10:27pm
Kimberly  Danielle you are BEAUTIFUL!!! Gorgeous pics! Great job everyone! :)  2.1.11, 4:55pm
Erin McBlaine  Danielle! Oh, Danielle! I have been waiting to admire your wedding on the blog, so happy I checked today! Awe, you can FEEL the love just pouring out of each and every one of these images. I love everything about your wedding day. Your dress, your headband and family are perfection! You know all I love all the gorge details too...Oh ladies of KSP, you never cease to amaze me! Amazing job by all. "Natural Love" is def. a top fave for sure. Much love!!!  1.27.11, 5:26pm
karen zuliani  Absolutely gorgeous in every way!  1.27.11, 12:01pm
Jac  Amazing!!! So beautiful!! Fantastic work Jaime!!! And the wedding, where do I start??! Danielle, the details are incredible; you and Kyle--absolutely gorgeous, love love the romantic/vintage feel to the shots in the vineyard...timeless. And fortune cookies with inspirational/love-filled messages---seriously over-the-top loving it!! :-) Congratulations to you again, and double-thumbs-up for Jaime too! :-) xoxo  1.26.11, 10:30pm
Claire  These are stunning!!! I was so lucky to be there. Congratulations again to the lovely couple--the photos say it all. You two are really meant for each other. :)  1.25.11, 1:06pm
Aya  &#8595; oops, I meant to say that I couldn't stop smiling. :)  1.25.11, 12:08am
Aya  Oh Ksen! Jamie! Ang! DANIELLE!!!! Danielle, you look absolutely stunning, beautiful, radiant, gorgeous, GLOWING. I love EVERYTHING; the location, the ambiance, the pictures, the make up, the dress, the details, the love, the love, the love...everything. Danielle, what a beautiful reflection of all the love that surrounds you and your hubby Kyle, and the love that reflects within the two of you. I couldn't smiling through all the pictures. Team KSP, you're one in a million. Amazing labor of LOVE.  1.25.11, 12:06am
danielle  STILL . LOOKING.  1.24.11, 10:53pm
David Z  I can't stress the fact that this was the most beautiful wedding ever!!!! I must say my sister can possibly take up a career in professional modeling and Kyle could possibly do the same for like Calvin Klien or Gucci. The art of crafting these photos was amazing so thank you to all the beautiful ladies that did know who you are! This brought me back it was incredible to relive the memories with these magnificent photos! I love you Nella and Kyle you to are beautiful people and deserve one another and any other dreams or wishes that you may have!  1.24.11, 10:51pm
Christina  Amazing pictures!! All the love and beauty definitely shows in these pictures. Kyle and Danielle are absolutely stunning and are in so much love :) I cry when I look at these beautiful! Jaime and Ang did such a GREAT job!  1.24.11, 10:33pm
danielle  these look beautiful even through TEARS!! I can not say what it means to us to have our love captured (love for eachother, love of our family, love of our friends...) and like a mirror staring right back at us. how blessed are we to see this! !!!!!!!!you GUYS thank you for being there for catching the in between, for taking time in the after process to carefully consider these moments that mean so much to us. words will never be enough to express our gratitude for allowing us to re-live bliss...  1.24.11, 9:56pm
ang  wow,wow,wow. i mean i was there & took pics and it still gives me chills like its the 1st time! such a beautiful wedding and d- radiant & are angelic. you families are gorgeous and i am sooo happy i was able to be part of it all!!! xoxox  1.24.11, 9:49pm
Stephanie  Oh my goodness. Danielle you are a beauty!!!! ANd Jaime you captured the day and the love PERFECTLY!!! And Ang- I love love her makeup!!! I loooved the slideshow and all the images <3  1.24.11, 9:22pm
Em  It's really too bad that they weren't just a little cuter. Then it would of been a nice wedding ... KIDDING!!!!! Totally beautiful! Nice work ladies! Much love  1.24.11, 8:33pm
Mom Z  absolutely stunning....beautiful work; beautiful couple; beautiful venue; can I say more? BEAUTIFUL! !!!  1.24.11, 8:08pm
e'lisa are so beautiful. Your wedding looked amazing and Jamie and Angela worked perfectly in sync to capture some amazing images. I'm so happy for you!! Love the yellow flowers by the fav!!  1.24.11, 6:46pm
katrina   Wow!!! What a cool wedding! So beautiful! Love all the details.  1.24.11, 5:56pm
Samantha Cover  Wow, Danielle was stunning! Absolutely beautiful! Chateau Chantal is my absolute favorite place in all of Michigan. The views are second to none....what a perfect place to get married!  1.24.11, 5:54pm