Amanda Marie :)   I LOVE this wedding. The detail shots are some of my very faves :) Beautiful && heart-warming as always!  12.22.10, 12:44pm
ksen : )  thanks for the sweetness friends! your words make me smile,,, as does the love that Nicole & Darren share! :D  12.21.10, 4:35pm
danielle  so sweet...I agree LOVE the arrow thing!  12.20.10, 10:56am
Jamie Mink  Wonderful images, just beautiful. I really enjoy your work!  12.19.10, 7:30am
ang  these are great!! one of my favorites is the one with the arrow,,,so cool!!!!  12.18.10, 8:46am
EM  Is that your dad with the camera? Love it!  12.17.10, 3:37pm