Becky A  I loooooooove the pictures!!!  11.23.10, 11:09pm
Breanna  Beautiful! I'd say my favorite are of the bride and your comment was "stunning." I thought you captured her so well! I loved her makeup!  11.19.10, 11:55am
Jennifer   Gorgeous!! What a beautiful bride. Love those red lips and the tonings, especially in the getting ready images! So fun! Great job Ksen and team!!  11.19.10, 11:36am
Erin  Truly a beautiful for two very special people! Liz and Randy, you are GORGEOUS darlings!  11.19.10, 12:34am
ksen : )  thanks so much for the love everyone!!! i so greatly appreciate it! Liz & Randy are truly fabulous. :)  11.18.10, 10:51pm
Lisa  OMG!! These are AMAZING! I think this is my favorite wedding that you've done! It's perfection!  11.18.10, 3:23pm
ang  LOVE!!!!! liz you are STUNNING! these are fantastic ksen. the feeling & variety!!! GORGEOUS!!!  11.18.10, 1:55pm
e'lisa  I absolutely LOVE their style! You captured them beautifully. Amaaaaaazing!!  11.18.10, 11:25am
Leeanne  Absolutely stunning pictures Lizzy!!  11.18.10, 10:23am
Aya  OHMYGAWD, Ksen! How is it that all of your pictures are like a piece of art?! I just love the vintage/art vibe of all of them!  11.18.10, 1:24am
Liz Jones  Ksen, thank you thank you thank you! they are so beautiful!!! I love them so much!!  11.18.10, 12:14am
DeeDee  Gorgeous! Well worth the wait eh Lizzy??  11.17.10, 9:15pm
Beth Baker  Unbelievable !!! Absolutely beautiful! Liz and Randy you are too cute for words and Ksenija you did it again... another GORGEOUS wedding!! You and your team are unbelievably talented!  11.17.10, 9:02pm