nicole haley  Totally gorgeous, Ksen! I am in love with all of the emotion you captured - their day looks completely happy and full. Beautiful.  7.27.10, 7:31am
danielle  this takes me RIGHT back! Nada and Shawn your wedding was beautiful!! FULLLLL of L O V E. Thank you for letting us share in all that goodness!!  7.21.10, 8:19pm
Lynn   Love these pics! I am so excited for you to shoot Amanda and Derek's wedding next summer. This is just what I'm hoping to see for them. (I hope they agree!) MOB :)  7.20.10, 5:08pm
Erin  Obsessed with this wedding, so much emotion and looooove! The Hamptons look fun!  7.20.10, 11:43am
ang  i really felt so muc happiness and love in these pics ksen! wow. such a beautiful couple.  7.20.10, 10:19am
ryan koral  these are some of my faves, ksen... knock-out job!!!  7.19.10, 4:05pm
ksen : )  thank you so much everyone!!! your words make my heart smile & are so appreciated. :)  7.19.10, 3:29pm
Amanda Marie  *sigh* I think this is my favorite wedding of yours to date! Your attention to detail and feeling never cease to amaze me!  7.18.10, 10:02pm
Nada  I feel like I'm back at the wedding! It is amazing how you captured the emotions and feeling of the day. Thank you for the most extraordinary photos Ksenija. You are brilliant!  7.18.10, 1:35pm
e'lisa  amazing Ksen!!!!!!!!!!! I love this wedding and I love the series on the pier. Incredible.....XOXO  7.18.10, 8:32am
Aya  Ohmygosh, I absolutely ADORE the feel of this whole wedding! The emotions, the STYLE(oh my!), the images! I started bawling at the 'first sight' pics. Oh, the smiles! The love! The details you captured Ksenija! AH-MAY-ZING.  7.17.10, 10:36pm
Heather  WOW. Everything about this wedding is beautiful!  7.17.10, 4:36pm