Suzy Soltis Baer  John, your sister Megan sent me the website of your pictures! CONGRATULATIONS to you and Julie! Your photos are AMAZING and you both look SO happy! Have a long and happy life!  6.14.07, 10:58pm
Meg  The pictures are stunning...just like the two of you! I get teary eyed every time I look at them. Can't wait to see more pics. So glad to finally be able to call Julie "sister". Love you both.  6.12.07, 9:48pm
Betsy:  The pics are wonderful. Just like the day. Pictures that make you smile are the best.  6.12.07, 9:59am
Missy  Beautiful! We loved the wedding and these pictures are just stunning. It helps to have such a beautiful bride and handsome groom, but these are something you will be able to treasure for generations. Enjoy the dance for the rest of your life. Love, Missy  6.12.07, 8:26am
Tony Trachta  Julie and John-you guys were beautiful and your photog caught all the right moments! Awesome! Love, Dad  6.11.07, 12:23pm
aunt mer  Fabulous!! it was THE best wedding ever, and the photos capture how special it really was. my kids are STILL talking about it!  6.11.07, 7:49am
Julie and Johnny  Could a bride and groom be any more pleased with wedding photos like these!! Ksen, we LOVE them!!! Thanks so much for working your magic for us. Someday we'll be showing these to our grandchildren!  6.8.07, 12:48pm
Heather  These are truly unique photographs! I love the feeling in them, intensified by your special effects. Fantastic job! I especially love the typical shots of the ladies in the restroom! What bride doesn't have memorable moments like this? Good times.  6.8.07, 9:45am