Erin  Awe, widdle JONES! Happpppy Birthday (a bit late). HOW SWEET KSP!  7.20.10, 11:35am
e'lisa  happy birthday mr. jones!! awww...i love that last image of him. Onyx says to tell him hi!! :)  7.18.10, 8:30am
abbie  I am in love with your dog!  7.17.10, 2:01pm
heather savas  happy birthday, mr. jones! :) such a wonderful friend, huh? mazy may loves those toys, (it honks, right?) but her last a liiiiitttle bit longer than his did! love it.  7.17.10, 11:08am
Kat Forsyth  Oh man, I love Jonesy! Your pics of him are always so great and full of personality. If I ever met him I'd just want to give him a great big hug. Happy birthday, Jones!  7.17.10, 7:29am
Aya  Happy birthday Jones! I bet your smitten mama spoiled you ROTTEN today! :) Thanks for the sweet kisses you gave Ellie the other day! I think SHE was smitten <3  7.16.10, 10:15pm
danielle  Happy birthday happy birthday happy happy birthday............JONES you are sweet sweet sweet  7.16.10, 9:29pm
jackie  awww! let me know if you ever need a dogsitter!! ;)  7.16.10, 3:04pm
Jennifer  Looooove him!!!!! *Squeeze*  7.16.10, 2:54pm