ksen : )   wow. thank you!!! your comments & words just mean so much to me... it makes my heart smile to hear such amazing feedback regarding my work & passion! thank you again!!!  6.9.07, 9:40am
Heather  I was just going to say what Liz said... original and PERSONAL. These photos have the personal touch that you are so great at giving every couple you shoot. I love this blog, in particular, for that reason. You get to know the couple through these photos. They should be very happy!  6.8.07, 9:49am
Liz Pinto  I just needed to tell you that I have never seen such beautiful and original pictures from a wedding before these. You did have gorgeous subjects (Kelly and Rick) but I loved the arrangements you came up with for each shot. I have sent your blog to many friends and all have called to tell me they were GORGEOUS photos and how talented you were. Thank you so much for your innovative and talented shots. All the best - Liz Pinto  6.8.07, 9:11am
ksen : )   thanks so much for all the heartFULL comments everyone!!! i can't tell you enough how much i appreciate your words... kelly & rick are such an amazing couple & it was such a pleasure to document their love. : ) (& lindsey! i will still be around so definitely give me a call!!! you are too cute. : ) )  6.6.07, 11:54am
Lindsey  You have done an amazing job at Kelly and Rick's wedding and Jessica and Drew's as well! I only hope that you will still be around when I get married because you will be the first one I call!  6.5.07, 9:32pm
Natalie Jagels  Kelly and Rick! WOW! These pictures are so wonderful! Kelly you are a true princess and Rick you are such a handsome prince! What a gorgeous wedding and a day you'll never forget! Congrats!  6.5.07, 9:25am
Kelly  Hi Ksen, I love the blog! I went through it about ten times! I cannot wait to see the rest of the pic's girl--you did such an amazing job capturing the night. Thank you so much! Talk to you soon :) Kelly and Rick  6.3.07, 10:15am
Jess  Kelly and Rick, These are the most beautiful pictures and you two are the most gorgeous couple that I have ever seen!!! We love you both and are looking forward to the MANY years of friendship ahead!!! Ksenija, What can I say???!!! You amaze me more each time I see another moment that you've captured. You are a true artist and a wonderful person inside and out. Thanks for the blog!!! Love, D&J xx  6.2.07, 4:54pm