Heather Essian  Lovely! I want to know more. So proud of you friend!  6.24.10, 4:41pm
hannah wach  i love this last photo, ksen! it's magical :)  6.14.10, 6:04pm
A Koster  Wow, Ksen!!! This is amazing...YOU are amazing!! :) Danielle looks stunning...  6.2.10, 10:03pm
YGuerrero  Congratulations Ksen! your website is amazing, it has so much of you in it :) :) love it!  5.28.10, 12:27pm
chels  AWESOME! Love it KSEN! :D You have the biggest and the best dreams! Keep it up girl! xo, chels  5.26.10, 10:07pm
Brandy  Ksen...this is awesome! You never stop amazing me.  5.26.10, 11:10am
Heather Savas  cooooool!  5.26.10, 9:32am
Renee  I LOVE THIS... WOULD YOU DO ONE OF ME :) just love it!! <3  5.26.10, 9:21am
ang  each time i have seen this i see something new in this incredible image. I LOVE IT!!! so angelic. d is super gorgeous!!! and ksen- your talent is beyond words.  5.25.10, 9:46pm
Jac  Love it! Love it! Love it!!! :-) So way cool!!! Danielle, you look gorgeous! :-)  5.25.10, 6:43pm
Beth Killian  What a beautiful portrait, shed looks BEAUTIFUL and what an awesome concept!!!!  5.25.10, 5:25pm