Jac  Beautiful!!! I LOVE the pic of Jaime and Swirl sitting on the sofa with her wrap/shawl on....so elegant and graceful for rockstars ;-) !! Swirl will be here before you know it!!  5.2.10, 9:26pm
Cassandra Carlile  I love love love these. Ksen...you are so gifted, then again, Jaime is one of the most beautiful people in the world...I love these. I can't be near right now, but I am so happy that I've gotten to see these amazing photos of this precious time....I''m so lucky...xoxo  5.2.10, 7:23pm
danielle  water works these are BEAUTIFUL!!! I have so many things to say right now I am shooting sunshine out of my eyes!! Jaime, swirl looks beautiful, and so do you. can't wait to meet that little nugget of love!! KSEN these are so pretty pretty pretty... I know you I know you, I am so happy to know you....lovelovelove  5.2.10, 7:05pm
e'lisa  jamie....you are so beautiful!!!!!!!! glowing, radiant, stunning......i love these images of you!  5.2.10, 9:54am
corrinne marcozzi  absolutely breathtaking... jaime, you're STUNNING. i love all of them :)  5.2.10, 6:25am
Aya  Jaime. You're beautiful. The end. All you girls are AMAZING!!!  5.2.10, 12:02am
j a i me   im speechless ! ksenija -- thank you endlessly for these ! they will be cherished forever! you are the best,, ever! and again,,, im crying....  5.1.10, 11:00pm
Matt Siskosky  WOW. These pics are AMAZING!!!! I had no idea this was going on! Unbelievable photos. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!! We are so lucky to have these. You are the best.  5.1.10, 10:51pm
Jaclyn Marie  Love love love!!!!!!! These really are magical. Amazing job!  5.1.10, 10:50pm