Heather J.  We brought our baby home from the shelter in February. She is the most awesome and beautiful pup ever.  5.1.10, 12:26pm
Erin  Ahhhhmazing message, simple, effective and straight to----the----heart! Ahhhhh my sissy will love this post!  4.29.10, 7:55am
e'lisa  Holy tears streaming batman!!  4.29.10, 7:12am
Melissa Powell  My husband and I are photographers in Charlotte, NC. We have a 'lil pit puppy almost IDENTICAL to Jones! Her name is Nahla! Check her out, she's got the same eyes and everything: this is our blog entry of the day we brought her home: http://powellphotography.weebly.com/1/post/2010/01/new-puppy-nahla.html and here's an updated pic: http://powellphotography.weebly.com/1/post/2010/04/oh-life-bear-nahla.html ♥  4.28.10, 10:33pm
A Koster  You know I love this post :) Shelter dogs are the BEST! Little Jonsie looks so cute!!  4.28.10, 9:11pm
ang  my fave post. its perfect. the best commercial. so simple and so important. you are such an inspiration to me and so many. just by posting this you have done so much for all these animals already! just think how many people will be inspired by this and go adopt a new baby!! loves you girl!  4.28.10, 8:53pm
danielle  I love this commercial...it is right on and the message! I am welling up...  4.28.10, 3:07pm
j aime   im crying  4.28.10, 2:51pm
Jac  I second that Nicole....makes me want to draw little hearts, starting with a couple on each of my kids' foreheads! :-) Also love the commercial...there are good people everywhere doing great things!! :-) Keep it up Ksen!  4.28.10, 2:41pm
nicole ladonne  I Love LOVE your message from the Universe. Beautiful!  4.28.10, 1:39pm