Erin  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  4.5.10, 4:35pm
Megan  I had no idea they were so close to me! I just sent a volunteer app to them. Thank you SO much for posting this!!  4.2.10, 11:19am
danielle  Ksen and Ang! you guys rock this world!! Your rocking keeps this world rolling!! Thank you so much for sharing. So excited to par-take in this goodness...  4.1.10, 10:53pm
ang  your words are so inspiring to me that tears filled and overflowed as i read this- it helped remind me and relive this AMAZING day. thank you for talking about this- for sharing your heart with all of us..i can only hope this will help more sweet doggies get adopted!!!! and YES to volunteer is the best feeling, it truly is like non-other. love you girl!!!  4.1.10, 10:34am
Lisa  What a great volunteer opportunity! I am def. going to look into this! Thanks for the great post!  4.1.10, 10:28am
e'lisa  Awww! I love this! I would go in a heartbeat!! Thank you for posting about a rescue shelter. And for reminding all of us to think above ourselves. :)  4.1.10, 8:10am
farrah  ksen-thank you for posting!! (i had to put this quote on my is amazing..i am truly grateful for my rescue pups, and know how integral that human contact is at the rescue and shelter sites..thank you!!  4.1.10, 7:52am
Margo  Ksen, as always thank you for moving us and reminding to be better not just for our own self but to affect life around us one soul at a time! A friend of mine took me to Almost Home a couple of years ago. I did feel out of my comfort zone going to a shelter, but once there, you forget about yourself... By the way, my friend also ended up adopting a boxer from them. The cutest most loving dog ever.  4.1.10, 6:58am