YGuerrero  I love your long posts ;) really I enjoyed them so much!! these are great!!  4.12.10, 1:29pm
chels  GORGEOUS! What a fun way to remember all of the fun times with Aya & Matt and now little miss Ellie...who I have to say is too cute for words. :) What a beautiful way to start my day--I love all the photos and moments they captured! So warm and special! Love the Aya, Ellie, and Ksen pics! :D Toooooo cute!  4.9.10, 9:15am
Denise  Omg- this blog makes me want to drop everything and go see Ellie- STAT!!! Beautiful pictures!  4.6.10, 8:24am
Laura  A friendship like this is enough to heal the world with love! And Ellie makes my heart melt!  4.5.10, 10:22pm
Amanda :)  SO rockin' awesome filled with beauty in every image! I don't think you could get any more talented Ksenija!!! Such a sweet && refreshing post!  4.5.10, 9:52pm
j a i me   awwww,,, :D thanks for including me ! geez!! from the shower to the shoes these girls have some amazing vibrance that just brightened up & inspired MY day ,,, and then some :) my fave is matts face when Aya is really nuzzeling into him,, they are BOTH so cute!! d) all of the above make me "want a girl !!" <3  4.5.10, 12:42pm
danielle  SO much HAPPINESS...AYA my heart beams for you and your new addition!!! Ksen anddddd J a i m e the pictures bring me in emotionally I can feel all that LOVELOVELOVE...  4.4.10, 8:39pm
Miranda  "But friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life; and thanks to a benevolent arrangement of things, the greater part of life is sunshine."  4.3.10, 3:01pm
nicole ladonne  Beautiful, Ksen! So sweet. You and Aya are so lucky to have each other :)  4.3.10, 10:46am
stacy  wow!! absolutely beautiful... love you, matt, aya, and ellie!!! these pics are SOOO you - adorable, sweet, fun - and full of love! priceless! and to ksenija - whom i've never met but feel like i know from the blog - WOW!! you are one talented and lovely person! :) favorite.blogpost.ever!  4.3.10, 10:33am
April  Beautiful work Ksenija! Beautiful! Awww Aya! You guys look wonderful and the images are so happy! Made my Saturday! Cheers!  4.3.10, 7:42am
Bonnie  LOVE LOVE LOVE !  4.3.10, 6:51am
Aya  Ksenija, so many emotions ran through me as I was looking through all these beautiful moments you captured. THANK YOU. My heart is aching with gratitude. Gratitude for all the love and laughter I am surrounded by, gratitude for having you in my life as a sister and friend, and gratitude for this journey I am given with my daughter Ellie Kokomi. Thank you, Ksen. I love you!  4.3.10, 12:55am
Eli Janosko  I LOVE the pic toward the end when Ellie is smiling. It's great! I also love Aya's style, and all the little nuggets of coordination you have to pay attention to notice -- such as the skull ring and skull tights at her baby shower. LOVE it. Aya's so cute, and naturally, anything that comes from her (i.e. Ellie) is going to be just as cute. Love these pics, Ksen!  4.2.10, 10:47pm
Lisa  There are just so many things I LOVE about this post... you are fantastic!  4.2.10, 10:39pm