Abbey  I love your pics. You guys look so cute and they are so fitting for your relationship. love you lots, and ksenija as always you did such an amazing job.  5.24.07, 2:15pm
bagel  the b+w in front of the birmingham theater is absolutely amazing  5.24.07, 10:59am
ksen : )   hi everyone! thank you so much for all the comments...I can't tell you enough how much your feedback means to me. : ) jessica- I am so happy to hear you love them!! there are plenty more to come...  5.24.07, 8:27am
jessica  ksenija-i love the pictures! you do such a great job. i like the ones in the grass and the movie theatre're just the best.  5.23.07, 2:18pm
Loretta Frye  Wow! These photos are fantastic! You two are so incredibly beautiful together! So happy for you!!!!!!!! Love you both!!!!!!  5.23.07, 2:09pm
Molly Grunewald  These look so great :) i love them. p.s. i like the dog sign one! haha  5.23.07, 1:56pm
Kristin  They look amazing! The pictures by the dog signs are very fitting:)  5.23.07, 9:11am