chels  oh how sweet and wonderful is Darwin?! L.O.V.E.D this entire series! What a beaut of a family. I think Darwin has the best fashion sense ever! Too cute! Great work Ksen!!!  4.9.10, 9:57am
katrina trahan  wow!! Great work Ksenija! Beautiful little girl...her eyes are amazing: )  3.10.10, 7:38pm
Nicole Haley  These images make me happy, Ksen, they are totally perfect. You can see a little smile in her eyes through them all. She is one gorgeous baby! Beautiful, beautiful!  3.9.10, 3:35pm
Jonah  4 points: 1. Wow! 2. I cried while viewing. 3. We are so thankful to have these images. 4. New nickname: The Ksen Master.  3.1.10, 4:37pm
Erin  What a beautiful family, I am loving this li'l girl! Her eyes are die for! Awesome work, KSP!!!  3.1.10, 12:56pm
Margy  Fantastic photos! Thank you for such a beautiful gift!!  2.28.10, 8:06pm
Emily  marisa told me they were RIDICULOUS and it's true! she's too cute!!! she's such a joyful baby and you really captured it, Ksenija. thanks for sharing :)  2.27.10, 3:34pm
Lauren McCatty  I am teary eyed. Marissa, I still can't wait to meet her! Ksenija, your work evokes so much... Just beautiful. Hope to see you next time you have a sushi craving...;-)  2.27.10, 12:06pm
Arace  Amazing captured moments! So very Personal, so Perfect! Marisa, Such a beautiful family you have! Congratulations!  2.27.10, 9:04am
j a i me   ...and they wondered if you got her smiling...? :D unbelievable,,I mean, I WAS THERE, and ksenija, you have renewed my hopes for a family/baby as beautiful and charismatic as these three...SHAKE THE MARACA!!!! is playing in my head now & im crying! haa!  2.26.10, 3:07pm
Aya  Oh my...this is one gorgeously cute baby and a beautiful family! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! I totally remember and loved your post of Marisa and Jonah's wedding; how incredible is it that you're documenting their beautiful little girl now?! I am bawling and dying as I'm watching the slide show. Her eyes! Her legs!(and leggings!!!) I can almost hear her squeal looking at those smiles. :) The pics of Marisa nursing Darwin is soo tender and beautiful too. Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for sharing.  2.26.10, 2:15pm
Eli Janosko  Little Darwin is awesome. She's so cute and spunky! The nursing pics are so beautifully done, too. Gorgeous. Love the ones where Darwin's face is kind of reflecting in the coffee table, too. Awesome family!  2.26.10, 2:12pm
Tamara Wade  So, So beautiful!!  2.26.10, 1:50pm
Chelsea  These pictures just melt my heart!!! You really captured her beauty and personality!! :)  2.26.10, 1:06pm
Michael Michaels  Phenomenal Ksen. Just phenomenal.  2.26.10, 1:00pm
Ashley  Ksen -- these photos are AMAZING!!! love them!  2.26.10, 12:51pm
Brandy  Congrats on your new addition to the family. Ksen...the pics are beautiful :)  2.26.10, 12:46pm
Aletha | Pearls Events  She is gorgeous! Love them, Ksen.  2.26.10, 12:12pm