Dana  Your photos make me want to go back to Italy RIGHT NOW! So nostalgic...I could go for a little Sesto Pub fare right now!  3.28.10, 2:05pm
j a i me   i love the baby & the elder ladies ! it reminds me of life, and what will become in the most sentimental way! xo!  2.26.10, 3:08pm
Jac  Seriously, you never cease to amaze me! Literally takes my breath away. I don't even know what to say--speechless--Beautiful. ;-) I'll take them all--lifesize.  2.25.10, 9:58pm
Aya  SO.MUCH.LOVE.in this post. I love it!!! A big congrats to your family, and hugs to Olga and Dante. As for the countless amazing shots of Italy you've shown us thus far...I can see how you couldn't have taken enough photos! I feel like you're showing us a piece of your heart with each image.  2.25.10, 2:53am
Erin  Ksenija! Congrats on this li'l bit of joy that is now in your life! Also, random, but do you know how much I looooove Fra Filippo Lippi?!??!??!  2.24.10, 8:15pm
Eli  More of Daniel! More of Daniel! More! More! More!!!!!!!  2.24.10, 8:14pm
Arace  Miracles. Blessings. Visions. All brought to you from HIM with each and every GLORIOUS sunrise and sunset. I believe we are all graced, not only by this creation... But alas... Also by the talent passed unto YOU. To showcase the miracles, blessings and visions that surround us all. Amazing work, Ksenija!!!  2.24.10, 7:35pm
kat foley  perhaps my favorite Wednesday whimsey ever. Congrats Tia ksen!  2.24.10, 7:34pm