michie  ok now I want them all!!! love the one of the two ladies and omg the fruit!!! my mom would love these i cant wait to shpw her  7.2.10, 11:11am
Angie Wood  I love these! You are so cute and I love this idea! You going to WPPI?  3.2.10, 1:27pm
Chris  Just when I thought your first round were the cream of the crop...you bust out these dazzlers!! So pretty!  2.19.10, 11:31am
marissa  wow!!! these pictures are amazing!! i want to go with you and see everything through your eyes! so beautiful!  2.19.10, 11:16am
e'lisa  ohhh...such an awesome treat that i got to see more images of my favorite place! Yay! The "warmth" image....is definitely a favorite! Amazing ksen.  2.18.10, 6:05am
Aya  Oh Ksen...your images are breath taking...your eyes capture what your soul is; BEAUTY. I heart you so much!!!  2.17.10, 11:10pm
Heather Essian  LOVELY! So beautiful Ksen!  2.17.10, 5:15pm
nicole ladonne  stunning, stunning stunning! I just need to decide which would look best on my walls! :)  2.17.10, 3:32pm
Jennifer Hillebrand  Playful, Picturesque, a Pinnacle of your work. I love peeping at your photos and am so proud of you! :)  2.17.10, 2:29pm
Arace  Prints, Passion, Purpose...Perfection. Such a great cause, such a Persevering soul.  2.17.10, 1:19pm
Brandy  Awesome shots Ksen! I can't wait to go to Italy!!  2.17.10, 1:11pm