ksen : )   hey! i just wanted to take a moment & thank everyone for such a great response... I most greatly appreciate it, as I am sure jennifer & james do too! : ) your comments just touch my heart. thank you. jennifer - i hope this finds you smiling! I am so glad to hear you love them...can't wait to share them all with you & yours!  5.24.07, 8:34am
Kim  You photos are so amazing, you seem to capture everything at just the right moment in time where everything is beautiful  5.23.07, 11:35pm
Annmarie (Mistretta) Patton  Simply put: GORGEOUS! Thanks for sharing. You two look amazing! You invited God to the wedding now invite Him to the marriage. Enjoy each other EVERYDAY! Keep smiling! Love you, Cousin Annmarie xoxoxox  5.23.07, 12:59pm
Deb Lobeck  Wow, Great job those are beautiful. Brings tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing  5.22.07, 11:05am
jessica  beautiful photots! you did an awesome job ksenija...love the ones of jens reflection in the car. they're all great and i'm excited to see the rest.  5.22.07, 8:32am
Trina  Breathe taking!!! Thats all I can say. It was a beautiful day and this pictures show that perfectly!! Love you guys.. can't wait to see the rest.  5.21.07, 3:09pm
Mike Shugars  The pictures really turned out quite amazing. You did a great job and I’m not going to lie I kind of miss you, but that’s neither here nor there. Also, there were some special pictures taken of the "guys" out in the parking lot. Is there any way I can see those? I have been dying to make one of them the wallpaper on my computer!  5.21.07, 12:37pm
Angie Shineldecker  These are the best pictures I have seen in a LONG time so creative! Congrats guys!  5.21.07, 9:14am
shelly neumeyer  What an amazing job of capturing Jen & James' perfect day! I can't wait to see the rest of them!  5.21.07, 8:09am
mom and dad becker  These are amazing, too many favorites. We cann't wait to see the entire collection.  5.20.07, 9:35pm
Jason Rostar  Amazing pictures! Congrats Jen & James!  5.20.07, 9:25pm
adam leisy  love the pictures!!  5.20.07, 8:08pm
Genelle Lovett  Jennifer, these pictures are so amazing! Congradulations on your wedding it looked so beautiful. Love ya girl!  5.20.07, 5:12pm
jennifer eicher  ksen, the pictures are amazing...you are so creative. i'm so happy....i just love all of them. Props for the car reflection ones.....you are the best! love, jennifer  5.20.07, 3:35pm
heather saunders  this is AMAZING! I think we should shoot something together! OOOO BABY!!!!!  5.20.07, 1:47pm