danielle  Very excited...this is going to be a fantastic show with FANTASTIC people...so much good energy in one place they are gonna shut us down! Looking forward to it...  11.12.09, 7:55pm
Syreena B  Wish I could be there....enjoY sennY :)  11.12.09, 10:33am
YGuerrero  Please post the images here! I'll love to see them all :) I'm sure the show will be amazing :)  11.11.09, 10:22am
Jac  I'm soooo looking forward to it!! And are those green beans??? You're amazing! :-)  11.10.09, 12:30pm
Brandy  For those who can't attend the art show will you be posting your fab pictures here on your blog...because I really want to see them!! :)  11.10.09, 11:06am