mile zemun  Bravo Ksenija fotografije su vrhunski ,umetnicki i profesionalno uradjene.Zelim ti puno srece i uspeha. ZEMUNCI  2.21.10, 6:15am
Glenn  What a great event... impressive turn out.... Thank-you for the opportunity to attend and what a wonderful cause and it was a pleasure to meet Mr. Dad Savic  11.14.09, 1:41pm
sheila palmer  Hi Ksenij, its; been awhile since we worked the car been to one of my favorite country ....would love to catch up with,,hope to see at your show. 313-721-4642  11.8.09, 11:48am
joanne  your photos bring back alot of memories of our trip to Italy a couple of years ago a wonderful, beautiful, caring and warm country. Congrats on your upcoming show.  11.7.09, 6:14am
jon  Yeah...Nice shots....I would love a print for you...we need to chat next time you come by....Jon  11.2.09, 7:08pm
fran  absolutely beautiful...wish I could see the entire collection...good luck....  11.2.09, 12:31pm
ohana photographers  just plain beautiful!  10.26.09, 11:05pm
Heather Essian  Awe so sad I can't be there with you! I know it will be amazing :). I hope everyone comes to support you sweet friend!!  10.26.09, 8:57pm
YGuerrero  I would love to be there, I'm sure it will be awesome! you are an amazing person Ksen, just as your work :)  10.26.09, 2:15pm
Olga  good luck wit the show-it will be great!  10.25.09, 9:36am
ksen : )  thank you, thank you, thank YOU all soooooo very much. your incredible words, support & encouragement mean the world to me. <3  10.24.09, 7:22pm
Reta Mourad  These are AMAZING!!!!! I cannot wait to see more of them!!  10.24.09, 6:36am
trish  WOW!!!.....breathtaking! I can't wait to see more. I'll definitely be there!!!!  10.23.09, 5:31pm
David Benjamin  I can't imagine how much art you're going to sell at upcoming Adopt more art fair. You're work never disappoints.  10.23.09, 2:06pm
Heather Cenovski  Gorgeous pictures Ksen!! You never fail to amaze me with your photography : )  10.23.09, 12:43pm
heather saunders  AMAZING!!! Thrilled that you had fun! I can't wait to see more!  10.23.09, 6:29am
Mary Trachta Gallion  ...WOW! Absolutely beautiful. Ksenija, you have a gift and talent that few can match.  10.23.09, 5:59am
angela  breathtaking. i can't wait to see more!!!  10.22.09, 7:19pm
Katrina Trahan  Stunning pictures!  10.22.09, 5:29pm
Allison K.  Sooo cool Ksen!!! I would totally come if I still lived in the area :( Best of luck with it, I know it will be awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Love the sneak peak photos!!!!!! :)  10.22.09, 3:37pm
Abbey  I will be checking my calendar if I am in the area I will be coming...what a great event.  10.22.09, 12:51pm
Jac  To quote you, "Ahhh-mazing!!" :-) I can't wait--this is going to be such a fun and inspiring event!! Love the teaser images---I'm really looking forward to seeing more!  10.22.09, 12:15pm
Wen  I can't wait!!  10.22.09, 11:50am
Brandy  Your images of Italy are amazing!  10.22.09, 11:28am
e'lisa  count me in sista!! this is awesome, and i hope you raise a ton of money for a wonderful cause. um yeah. killer images!!! you know i hold italy so very close to my heart as well, so this just totally made my day!!  10.22.09, 11:18am
Nicole Haley  These are jaw-droppingly gorgeous! No doubt the art show will be a huge success with more like these around! Best of luck to you and Adopt More. :D  10.22.09, 10:38am
Aya  OH MY, Ksenija! They look BEAUTIFUL! I cannot wait to see the rest! You`re show is going to be fantastic! I`m SO proud of you. :-) But NINETEEN cities in TWELVE days?! Dang.  10.22.09, 10:34am
Kimberly  I can not wait for Friday the 13th! This is going to be an amazing event. You ROCK and your work super duper rocks!!! Love ya tons!  10.22.09, 9:59am
Heather Savas  beautimus (that's italian for freakin' awesome) ;) I can't wait to see the rest at the fundraiser!  10.22.09, 9:55am
Amanda :)  Oh my. How I wish I was 21 to come and sip on some wine and buy prints! :) Those images are *BREATHTAKING* So Awesome!!!  10.22.09, 9:44am
eli  Dude, if you ever feel like getting me a birthday or Christmas present, I NEED a copy of that print of the clouded moon in front of that castle-type building. (Don't I sound educated and regal in my phrasing of that one ...)  10.22.09, 9:44am