aunt lorraine  thanks for ruining my makeup!! pics are beautiful. you're beautiful. love you both.  10.23.09, 8:11pm
Sean  Ksenija, you absolutely have magic behind that camera. This is an amazing series of photographs, and they're so creative! It's anything but just story-telling. Adore that first shot of them out in the open field.  10.22.09, 1:45pm
Em  I love this: "Behold, I am doing a new thing" shot. I will be looking that verse up. Awesome!  10.19.09, 11:05am
Ivica  I'm speechless.... photos are priceless....  10.15.09, 2:55am
Heather Essian  these are gorgeous ksen! love love the portraits!  10.12.09, 11:30am
Brandy  Love love love the umbrella shots and the one with her listening to the best man speech. Beautiful!  10.12.09, 11:28am
e'lisa  wow. i absolutely love the image of laura on the side of the building. the composition is outta control!! love it!! i also adore the umbrella pic. fabulous job ksen as always!!  10.12.09, 9:46am
Erin  What a sweet bride & groom! Colors, bm dresses, wedding dress and the champagne glasses-love, love it! The bride looks like Michelle Branch, just gorge! Beautiful photo's Ksenija! Big XOXO's  10.11.09, 1:55pm
ohana photographers  loooove the funny faces with the kids!!  10.11.09, 10:19am
Angie  Wow, these are so beautiful and so touching! Their dogs face cracked me up! L-o-v-e it!  10.11.09, 8:23am
Amanda :)  LOOOVEEEE the umbrella image! Should be placed on one large canvas! :) Then again... I love them all! Stunning job as always Ksen!  10.10.09, 10:40pm
Sarah G  Ksenija, these are WONDERFUL!! I love the one with the umbrellas, so fun and cute!  10.10.09, 9:57pm
Aya  And I love that they had the Killer Flamingos perform at their wedding too! They`re awesome.  10.10.09, 6:39pm
Aya  Love love love this post! I`ve been looking forward to it since their engagement session. I don`t even know where to begin...the shot between Laura and her grandmother, the wedding party`s energy, the amazing fun shots with the props!(umbrella), Laura`s contagious laughter and smile, Ava, the emotions....I can go on and on. I absolutely love it Ksenija. This is so beautiful!!!!!  10.10.09, 6:38pm
Sarah  These images are breathtaking!! Congratulations to the beautiful & happy couple!  10.10.09, 2:53pm
Allison K.  Hey Ksen!! Beautiful job!!!! My favorite was the one of them at the ceremony of their bodies from the neck down. There is something really symbolic about that image!! Also the ones in the field are AMAZING!!! The bride was so beautiful (loved her make-up ;) and her flowers were gorgeous!!! I loved this couples e-session and love the wedding just as much. Beautiful job as always :)  10.9.09, 6:40pm