Jayme  I love how you captured the love!  8.22.09, 5:31pm
Lana DenHarder  these are adorable!  8.18.09, 7:57pm
ohana photographers  awwww... he's perfect!  8.18.09, 12:31pm
Eli  That kid is SO super cute. I love the picture where his toes are all crinkled!  8.14.09, 11:14am
David Benjamin  All I can say is, AMAZING and I am so thankful for helping bring everyone together. HUGE smile on my face!  8.14.09, 9:26am
Yada  He's sooooo cute! what a great session with such a wonderful family ;) hard to say a favorite, I love them all!!!!  8.12.09, 5:36pm
Wendy  Amazing pictures! I love the use of the bracelets.  8.12.09, 9:56am
jo  such a handsome little boy and so blessed both parents and Aeson! What a blessing to any family a child - God is good!!! The pctures show it all what joy a child brings into ones life. Love  8.10.09, 11:06pm
angela  so i am not sure who is luckier??? mama or little man??? such love and so contagious.  8.10.09, 8:31pm
chels  such an adorable sweetie pie! I love the mom and son pics...there is something so sweet about their bond...the huggie lovie pics are amazing! fantastic work ksen! as always! ;)  8.10.09, 4:12pm
lindsay  these are ABSOLUTELY freaking awesome. the images are so powerful, and the creativity you guys had with the bracelets is unbelievable! and aeson is definitely a cutie! this totally made my day :)  8.10.09, 2:23pm
Erin McCabe  My. Heart. Just. Melted!  8.10.09, 10:30am
Christy Burke  Ksenija, these pictures are absolutely amazing! I love how you captured the personality of this little guy in your pics. You are SO talented!  8.10.09, 6:48am
Brianna Phelan  WOW! These are gorgeous. So amazing (:  8.9.09, 9:23pm
Aya  OHMYGAWD, Ksenija! I have to agree; I think this is one of your best works...It's absolutely heart warmingly amazing and touching. I can tell this is very near and dear to your heart. I love it, I love it, I love it! Beautiful Ksenija! Beautiful!  8.9.09, 12:22am
Angie  These pictures just melted my heart! They are truly beautiful! Great job :)  8.8.09, 10:54pm
Jac  I think this may be one of my favorites of your posts!!! Aeson is amazing, i was laughing out loud, especially at the one post-cupcake with the milk carton. Cutie-patootie indeed!!! I also love the interaction between Kimberly and Aeson....great connection for sure!  8.8.09, 1:11pm
Amanda :)  These are beyond incredible! Your work is always SUCH an inspiration and everything about these images were so sweet and heartfelt. LOVE IT!!!  8.8.09, 10:09am
Jennifer Parke  What an amazing session for such a wonderful cause! LOVE IT!  8.8.09, 7:10am
Kimberly  WOW! These pictures are amazing! Your work is SO incredible. ADOPT MORE is so lucky... beyond lucky to have you and I'm so beyond lucky to have you as a friend!!! And ya know... you'll always be Aeson's favorite lasagna!  8.7.09, 11:49pm
Sandy K. Edwards  OMG...........I could just watch this over and over.................  8.7.09, 11:09pm
Sandy K Edwards  Ksen, This has got to be your best work ever. He is absolutely gorgeous and His Momma too. You captured the moment perfectly. I think your heart must have almost burst when he hugged the tree.........I know how much you adore trees........lOvE U!  8.7.09, 10:53pm
Laura  What an AMAZING family! And a brilliantly creative way of using the Adopt More bracelets, which allows for awareness of adoption around the world. You captured the essence of their love and the bond that this beautiful mother & child have thanks to the option of adoption! You are a beautiful gift to the world Ksen!  8.7.09, 8:01pm
j a i me  seriously??? i only have so many gooses to bump ! soooo cute! especially the hand reaching to you! you are the endless thing that God knew what he/she was messing with he/she made you girl!  8.7.09, 6:48pm
Nicole Haley  I think I love him. These are amazing!  8.7.09, 6:26pm
Heather Savas  ok... your "warning" was not strong enough. ADORABLE! and such great creativity with the message bracelets! awesome.  8.7.09, 6:19pm
Brandy  What a great cause and beautiful photos!  8.7.09, 5:49pm