Erin  Thank you SOOOO very much everyone and to Ksenija! You are such an inspiration! :)  5.5.09, 4:02pm
Danielle  I have been meaning to comment...Erin your website was amazing when I visited it awhile back !! From the name to your work, it is very moving your heart shows!  4.28.09, 1:36pm
Nicole Haley  Wow. Ksenija, your images of Allison and Matt's wedding have been branded in my brain since you first posted them. Every detail was to die for and, as you said, jaw-dropping. Definitely my favorite. Sooo - it's nice to read about the genius behind those details! Gorgeous work, Erin. I can't wait for the blog!  4.22.09, 9:02am
Alison Johnson  Erin - your website is absolutely beautiful! Way to go!  4.22.09, 8:58am
Katie  Her work is beautiful! thanks for sharing.  4.21.09, 9:28pm
Anne McCabe  Ksen , It warmed my heart reading your blog about my beautiful creative daughter Erin! She is everything you described :) Thank you Ksen for sharing !!  4.21.09, 6:31pm
Allison Koster  Hoooray!!! You hit the nail on the head, Ksen when you said she makes things through the heart....My sis puts her heart and soul, literally into everything she creates and her work always turns out more beautiful than I could even imagine! She has a true gift, thank you for sharing hers.... :)  4.21.09, 5:38pm