Chels  Ksen...YOU are simply wonder-FULLLLLLLL! Thanks for sharing your fabu work--we're honored that you featured our s-the-d! We can't wait for June to roll along either! Thanks for the love Ksenija--you're too much! Have a happy day!  3.23.09, 4:37pm
Jaclyn Marie  Cute cute CUTE!!! I love the colors in their images, and the pumpkins rock my world!  3.11.09, 2:39pm
heather essian  super cute ksen! what a lucky couple!  3.11.09, 1:45am
TwoFoot Creative  That is the absolute cutest save the date I have ever seen!!!  3.10.09, 4:28pm
amanda mattila  wonderful job! i like it!  3.10.09, 3:09pm
Kristen Leigh  I just love your stuff -- you have such a great eye!  3.10.09, 2:44pm
David Benjamin  I recently discovered your work and am blown away. Your colors are magnificant and it is clear you know how to capture the moment. I look forward to recommending your work to others.  3.10.09, 2:30pm
Kerri Banyas  I love it! Their images are awesome too btw! You are amazing!  3.10.09, 2:12pm