heather   awww. he is sooo cute with his blankie  4.3.09, 10:12am
chels  That wubbi is so adorable on Jones! I love that you captured this moment in his sweet puppy dog life! xox  3.23.09, 4:35pm
ohana photographers -david & kimi  awwwww!!! love jone's posts! the wubbi haha! that's what they called that in a movie called mr. mom and it was so cute!  3.21.09, 6:55pm
Elizabeth (Eli) Janosko  OH so cute. Love the last pic. He sure is getting big!  3.21.09, 9:49am
Jasmine*  I want to kiss him!! :)  3.18.09, 3:49pm
Yada Guerrero  Very cute ;)  3.18.09, 12:15am
Jac  Unbelievably cute!!!  3.16.09, 9:04pm
Kelli Taylor  SO cute!  3.16.09, 1:45pm
Beth  I just love your jonsey, you can NEVER get rid of his wubbi!!!  3.16.09, 1:00pm
Jennifer  Oh that is just ridiculous! I love him.  3.16.09, 10:53am
trish  Oh my goodness....those are the cutest shots ever!!! They totally made me smile! Thank you! I can't wait to visit with jonsie :D  3.16.09, 9:45am
Em  Blankies rule! I just made a blankie post about Cleo's "blankie" too! we are too funny. Ps. I still have a blankie too! Remember italy and the housekeeper?!!!! love ya  3.16.09, 9:16am
Cindy  He is soooo cute it almost makes me want to get a dog for the kids.  3.16.09, 8:58am
lauren c. - openField.  CUTE!!!!!!!!! LOVE it!!!!!!!! : )  3.16.09, 8:44am
David Benjamin  I love how you capture emotions into your pictures. Good way to start the day/week.  3.16.09, 8:38am