ohana photographers ~ david & kimi b  no YOU are!!!! love it!  3.2.09, 11:09am
Jac  Great post Ksen! #1: love the post-its too (and great quote indeed!). #2: Brad Pitt is hot, especially with all the wrinkles :-). #3: Are you sure that Emollock isn't trying to stake his claim as Alpha 1 of the house? :-). and #4: great great idea!  2.27.09, 12:49pm
Meg  That Brad Pitt cover is amazing- every single pore out for the world to see.... love your work by the way :)  2.27.09, 11:31am
Samantha Vanderlist  I love #4. I love it so much I'm gonna steal it! I do this w/ my mom but never thought of putting it on all my outgoing mail!  2.27.09, 8:57am
nicole ladonne  Thanks for this-such an uplifting post! One time Andy had a package delivered to my house addressed: Nicole is hot. It totally made, at the least, my week :)  2.26.09, 11:00am
Jim Shields  I love your last little photo. That is so awesome.I think I will start to do this too. Thanks for the GREAT idea!  2.25.09, 7:40pm
Paige Green  love the kitty! so uber sweet.  2.25.09, 3:39pm