Kali Corliss  Very cool blog! I love seeing all the different ways people captured this shoot. I really like your fun (dare-I say 80's inspired) logo too!  2.24.09, 12:33am
kristen - k.holly  Ksen, these are absolutely gorgeous! I'm so glad we were able to do this together, and finally got to meet in person! What a fabulous experience! I got a couple shots of you and Jasmine - I'm sending them over ;)  2.23.09, 1:39pm
Aya  Because I may be the only one to comment on this....I love your purple nail polish! You know your post and all your pics are amazing; that's a given. But ofcourse I had to notice the nail polish. Lol.  2.23.09, 11:37am
Eli Janosko  I SO wish I could snuggle up to lions, too. To bad we couldn't illegally trap on, have it's claws and teeth removed, and then have someone tame it to be nice. Oh, well ... guess we'll just have to stick with domestic kitties in the meantime. LOVED the lion pics, (if you can't tell).  2.23.09, 8:39am
ohana photographers - david & kimi  lol we stared at the lion forever! we thought the same thing, we just wanted to hug him and his furry mane! your images came out awesome! givin jas a run for her money! so nice meeting you in vegas!!  2.23.09, 1:02am
Bob P.  Wow. Really great shots. It's funny how different your perspective is from mine.  2.22.09, 7:23pm
emily griffith  AWESOME job! I especially love the series of 3 in front of the fence! It was so great meeting you! I'll be stalking your blog now! :)  2.22.09, 2:27pm
Jac  Love, love, love all the shots Ksen! I love that you found out all about the lions...:-). I'm so glad that you are able to do this WPPI thing every year....looks like a fun, learning, mingling experience--worth it, i'm sure!  2.22.09, 2:24pm
kelly Brown  SOOO cute! love all of your pics from WPPI. Especially the one's with J*. It was a blast! :)  2.22.09, 12:32pm
Kyle Burnell  I love seeing everyone's perspective from the same shoot. It was a really fun time & you got some awesome shots.  2.22.09, 10:41am
Jenna  I'm feeling a little bummed that I didn't try to meet you this week! You're such a doll and it's fun to see what you can do with a point and shoot (I'm really impressed!). Makes me wish I would have spent some time watching the lions myself.  2.22.09, 10:23am
Aaron-Captured Productions  Wow....what a great week...thanks for sharing.  2.22.09, 9:29am
Yada Guerrero  Hi Ksen, Looks like you had a great time, great photos and lots of fresh air and sun!!! ;) Very nice pics!  2.22.09, 9:23am
Paige Green  I sooo wish I could have been there! looks a-maze-za-zing!  2.22.09, 3:24am
kat foley  OH i love your WPPI round-up! and loved meeting you and your friends at the Nicole Ladonne lunch. The pics with Jasmine are, if course divine. The giant paw , with the PNS , takes the cake though!  2.22.09, 1:08am
Ruby Slippers  Looks like you had a blast! Great pics from the shoot!  2.22.09, 1:03am
PAT LITWALK  hey girlie!!!! l'm so glad you have a great time here in Vegas! the pics are amazing!!!! I love you and miss you! I will love to see you next time! love ya! xoxo  2.22.09, 12:24am
Jasmine*  Fabulous. Seriously, you are too fabulous for words! Awesome job!  2.21.09, 10:08pm
daria bishop  How fun to see your perspective of the morning! I love your work!! It was wonderful meeting you!! xo  2.21.09, 9:58pm
Jaclyn Marie  KSENIJA. Are you kidding me?!? These are so amazing I could just cry. No really, like tears!! You are incredible!!! Your skillz in general are freakin' amazing, but your editing?! Seriously fabulous!!!  2.21.09, 8:25pm
Kelly Braman  Looks like you had an Amazing time! Yay for you!:) What a lucky girl to shoot with J*~Love the images you shot! How FUN!!! btw~you are just the cutest thing!:)  2.21.09, 7:43pm
Anne  Awww.. it was so good seeing you!! Maybe one of these days we'll actually get some time to REALLY hang out!! (((((HUGS)))))  2.20.09, 8:45pm