Katrina Super  Amazing!! I love this wedding!!  2.28.09, 12:57pm
ernie  the shot of the clouds above the tent... wow, you never stop amazing me... what a unique idea for a shot. If I had the money... I'd hire you to follow me around and take pictures all day... so that I could go back and see everything I missed the first time. That's how amazing your perspective is.  2.25.09, 9:48pm
Jan Koster (mother of the Groom)  Ksenija, what a beautiful representation of Matt and Allison's Wedding - so much fun to re-live such happy moments!!  2.25.09, 11:13am
Jaclyn  AGH it's just beautiful!! You're a really talented designer.  2.24.09, 9:39am
Erin McCabe  Whoop! Whoop! Ksen, this is stunning and I just relived my sis's wedding ALL OVER AGAIN! Thanks for posting and happy Monday to you. :)  2.23.09, 8:40am
TwoFoot Creative  That is beautiful Ksenija! I am looking forward to working with you again, your photos are just breathtaking!  2.23.09, 6:19am
ohana photographers - david & kimi  that album is awesome! love the design too, of course havin rad pics in it makes a huge difference!  2.23.09, 12:58am
Allison Koster  YAY! I love that Ksen!! It looks so nice!! Thanks for using Matt and I's wedding :)  2.22.09, 9:12pm