ksen :)  thanks ladies!! Samantha! yes... i can't believe we still haven't met each other. let's definitely make that happen in 2009, okay?! :D hope you both are having a fab friday.  1.30.09, 10:37am
aletha :: pearls events  Ksen, it was my pleasure! Making connections with awesome people in the industry is what makes my job rock. Thanks for sharing lunch with me and I look forward to next time :)  1.28.09, 8:39am
Samantha Cover  Funny, I was just coming on your site to contact you about getting together soon! Seems you are little Ms. Popular ;-).... and with good reason! Aletha's blog is awesome. Even though she is on the opposite side of the state, I regularly stop by to check it out. Congrats on all of your recent accolades, Ksen! :-)  1.27.09, 6:49pm