Tijana  Obozavam Jonsie, mnogo je preslatka. Ima pametne oci. Cmoooook....  12.22.08, 5:20pm
Paige Green  hahaha! oh youre so fantastic! I didn't know you had kitties too! I'm more of a cat person. they look so sweet...not that Jones isnt awesome as well! his awesomeness runnith over.  12.22.08, 10:38am
Megan  i love Jonsie! He is the cutest. I think you need to come back to Alaska with Jones, so we can get pictures of Jones and Moose playing in the snow together.  12.22.08, 10:37am
ohana photographers ~ david & kimi b  i LOVE your doggie playing in the snow pics!!! you can totally tell in the shots he wanted to play!! love it! hope you have an awesome christmas holiday ksenija!  12.21.08, 11:30am
Chelsea  Ha! Great pictures and tale! :) Have you thought about venturing into the realm of children's literature? I'm a connoisseur of the genre and I can see you might have a knack for it! :D I love the photos of Jones leaping through the snow! My how he is growing! I also didn't know you had cats! How precious are they! Thanks for capturing a fun day at home with all of your little sweetie pies!  12.21.08, 9:55am
ksen : )   hi! glad you enjoyed my little picture story. :) Eli : Emollock has lost a tiny bit of weight, but looks a lot smaller in the photograph due to his positioning & my angle! he also told me to tell you that he would like to set up a playdate with Sumo & Houdini. ;)  12.21.08, 8:04am
Sandy K  What a wonderful picture story! It made me widh i would have gone out to play today. I love your puppy and the cats are gorgeous. Enjoy your weekend Ksen.  12.20.08, 8:58pm
Cindy Savich  Maksim says " Ahhhhh doggie playing in the snow".  12.20.08, 8:54pm
Eli  Jones is so cute. :-) Has Emollock lost weight?  12.20.08, 8:23pm