Michelle Jacques  WOW. You are an unbelievably talented artist! I am truly stunned. I am looking at the Herb Farm for my wedding, which is how I found your site. Now I am in love <3  2.8.10, 3:10pm
heather saunders  OMG!!!! I just realized that these are the fabulous McCabes!!!!!! She is STUNNING as I knew she would be! And Erin, how are you?!?! Ksen such wonderful images, the bit I got to know this family was amazing and you captured them GORGEOUSLY. Love the initials on the gate! Beautiful work, my beautiful Ksen! Call me!  12.5.08, 9:06pm
ksen :)  thank YOU all for the incredibly beautiful comments about an incredibly 'inside & out' beautiful couple --- i truly appreciate it so much. :) thank you!  11.30.08, 1:33pm
angela  such an amazing family!!! loved working with you guys!!! this is by far my fave venue of any wedding...EVER! i feel like fairies should have been zipping around:) there are so many things i love about this- i could go on and an. beautiful bride. stunning. wow.  11.26.08, 8:40pm
ohana photographers ~ david & kimi b  love.every.single.image!!!!!!!!!! love that perfume bottle from her moms. that was awesome!  11.23.08, 12:20pm
Mary Levin  The photos are amazing! Every beautiful detail captured!  11.23.08, 8:52am
Aya  Oh, do I heart this post...Everything from the stunning couple, her hair, her dress(oh, the dress!), the venue, the details, the cake(OMG!), the nostalgic feeling, the emotions, I absolutly adore them all. Beautiful, beautiful job Ksen!!!!!  11.22.08, 1:51pm
Vance McCabe  I did not cry the day of the wedding but looking at the pictures brought tears to my eyes. Dad  11.21.08, 8:31pm
Mike  Wow! Absolutely fantabulous artistry, as always.  11.20.08, 5:54pm
Kris Rhodes  What a beautiful testament to an absolutely beautiful wedding day--so glad we were there to share it with you. Thank you Allison & Matt! Love, Aunt Kris  11.20.08, 5:02pm
Brandy  Ksen...some great work! What a beautiful bride and groom and what an amazing place!  11.20.08, 4:10pm
Paige Green  THAT DOO IS FANTABULOUS!!! and you images are perfection as always!  11.20.08, 1:48pm
Chelsea  Ok...so it's my second time back here today to see your slideshow! I love your slideshows b/c they are always able to transport me to a place, outside of work, allowing me to relax and enjoy a moment of bliss! Thanks Ksen! You ROCK! (now back to work!)  11.20.08, 12:17pm
Erin   LOVE-LOVE-LOVE! Ksen, you are so talented!!! You captured my lil sis and her hubby in THE most beautiful and artistic way! I cannot thank you and Danielle enough for sharing the amazing day with our family. Thank you for the sneak peak! :)  11.20.08, 11:41am
Chelsea  BEAUTIFUL!! Such a stunning couple and an organic venue! Awesome work Ksen! :)  11.20.08, 9:38am
Allison  AHHHH!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!! I can't even describe how amazing they turned out. You did SUCH a beautiful job!!! It was so fun to re-live everything again :) Thank you so so very much....  11.20.08, 8:19am
Jenna  So many gorgeous details. Love love love that cake topper. The first look pictures are beautiful and have a kind of an Alice in Wonderland feel!  11.20.08, 6:07am
Emma  Goodness, could you be any better? I LOVE how you post so many pictures...Ksen- ah..I heart this wedding for so many reasons! The bride is gorgeous, her dress is stunning, the location is breathtaking, the pictures outrageous. You've outdone yourself!! Incredible job!  11.20.08, 1:11am