Paige Green  so lovely sweet! fantastic job!!!  11.17.08, 5:59pm
joanne d.  I don't even know this little girl, but she is a doll baby - what beautiful eyes and the one picture with her aqua binky is just precious with the most adorable outfit ever. God Bless her and her family.  11.15.08, 7:41pm
ohana photographers ~ david & kimi b  love her looking out the window on the door with the doggie!!!!!!  11.14.08, 2:21pm
aunt judy  sabrina and poppy: loved all the both look absolutely beautiful. see you soon. love, aj xo  11.13.08, 10:03pm
penn look so outrageous in these pic's!!! i'm so lucky to have a girlfriend with the most luscious lips ever! you are my girl...forever your fella, penn  11.13.08, 4:15pm
Auntie Jaime, Uncle Nick, Emmy & Nici  Our sweetest Penelly - you have never looked more beautiful. We love you soo much!! And can't wait to kiss those luscious lips! xoxo  11.13.08, 10:55am
grammy sandy's been said before, but, THOSE EYES!! How the 1st few she looks like she's about 4 yrs old and ready to go to school!!  11.13.08, 9:46am
Scarlett & Brigette  What a sweet angel! I can't believe how big she looks with her pigtails! Can't get over those beautiful lips!  11.13.08, 9:37am
sabrina   ksenija, i can't stop looking at these...they are SO gorgeous! thank you so much for capturing my sweet little angel! it was so much fun too.  11.13.08, 7:09am
e'lisa  those eyes and lips...oh my!!!! what a beautiful girl!! your top two favorites are my favorites too....ohhh they are so fabulous!! another job well done! :)  11.12.08, 4:49pm