ksen : )   thanks for the love people!! Kate : i am so happy to know that now you know the face to the name! so glad i could help there - how fun. :) Matthew : thank you! as for the over-saturation... i know that on some of my friend's computers my images can look over-saturated or a bit over-exposed -- however it is definitely the monitor's calibration because ultimately they print beautifully & look great on my Mac's! :D unfortunately, i cannot control everyone's monitors (although i wish i could!! lol). thanks for looking out though!  10.15.08, 5:45pm
Matthew Materazzi  Hey Ksenija, great work. I love your shots. You have a great sense of composition and color direction. If I had to pick one thing that I would complain about is perhaps many of the shots appear overly saturated a bit. Maybe this is just my monitor, but if I am correct, then I would suggest maybe hiding some of the tones a little, and only adding that heavy saturated look on a few, making them really stand out! Other than that, fantastic!  10.15.08, 1:28pm
Kate Mann  Thank you for posting this! I go to Wayne State and walk by the building named after Ghafari almost every day and I always wondered about the very different name. Now I have a face :)  10.8.08, 11:16pm
Paige Green  how exciting!  10.7.08, 12:36pm
ohana photographers  so very cool! love both shots with the plane!  10.6.08, 9:05pm
Jac  Amazing! They are so fortunate to have you to document such an important day! And I can tell by Ambassador Ghafari's radiant smile that he is indeed a kind man! :-)  10.6.08, 9:12am