Emma  Aw...you totally made my night with your comment, you totally rock more, though. =)  10.2.08, 1:24am
Laura J  sooo cute!...i cant wait for him to meet ava! Your are going to be such a good mommy! :)  9.30.08, 2:17pm
ohana photographers ~ david & kimi b  oh my !!!!! cuteness overload!!! love him!  9.29.08, 10:53pm
Lo  Sooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!! He suits you! I'm eagerly awaiting a family portrait :) Love you lots!  9.29.08, 7:35pm
Brandy  Oh my....so cute! I can't wait to meet him!  9.29.08, 6:43pm
kelli  I could just eat him up! So cute! Good luck with your new baby!  9.29.08, 11:05am
Paige Green  such a sweetie!!! i've been wanting a puppy for a while too, but my husband says our two cats are enought...i guess i can't really aruge! :-)  9.29.08, 10:22am
mina  sooo cuutee!!! you have to bring him to vienna so that i can spoil him too!!  9.29.08, 10:17am
Romi  Ksen...those eyes are to die for... he is such a cutie and the name is very fitting..good decision. I can't wait to meet the little guy. Miss you talk soon:)  9.27.08, 6:28am
Eric  What a puppy wuppie cutie wutie pants!!  9.26.08, 8:47pm
Jasmine*  Oh good grief...I LOVE HIM!! Just makes me want to climb through my computer and squeeze him! :)  9.26.08, 8:37pm
Heather Savas  OK, now you didn't mention this little man when we talked... what a heartbreaker! I LOVE his big halter leash, even though he just kinda sits there! What a sweetheart. Those green eyes are killer.  9.26.08, 2:56pm
joanna goddard  he is so cute, i can't believe it!!!  9.26.08, 11:54am
ksen :)  Jones & i say a big huge "THANK YOU!" for all the blog love... it is making him feel oh so special! :D we really appreciate it! Erin: i adopted him from a rescue called 'Recycling Rover Rescue'... however found him on Petfinder.com originally! Deborah: you can most definitely be his 'Gramma' & babysit! i know he would just love that!! Barbie: thanks so much for the info about a photo of mine being on polka dot bride -- SO cool! Heather: he can most definitely be Edith's boy toy! too funny!!  9.26.08, 10:43am
Jo  So adorable - God knows just the right time to bless - many blessings and happy times for you and Jones!!!!!!!!!!!!  9.26.08, 9:47am
Aya  Ohhhmygaaawd....he had me with the first picture when I scrolled down and our eyes met! Oh, I just know he's going to feed your soul SO much love!!!!!!! I'm so excited for your new family! hee hee!  9.25.08, 6:32pm
Deborah H.  Okay....I am SO in love!!! what a looker with those huge (and incredibly colored!) 'puppy dog' eyes ! When you have to go out of town, can I be his 'Gramma' and babysit??  9.25.08, 3:18pm
shannon  OMG. I just melted.  9.25.08, 2:25pm
Erin McCabe  He is PRECIOUS Ksen!!!!!!! Where did you get him from?  9.25.08, 1:59pm
angela  every time is see this puppy pants my heart just melts!!!! he is such a goog little baboolie and the PERFECT addition to your fam ksen. THANK YOU for letting me be part of this with you. love you girl!!!  9.25.08, 1:29pm
barbie  ksen! i want to eat him up! :) also, i came across a ksenija photog pic on polka dot bride dot com's website. it is under the august 24th entry. cheers, it's thursday! :)  9.25.08, 11:50am
Jessica  I have been lucky enought to meet the sweet little Jones, and he is absolutely as sweet and huggable as he looks! Our doggie, Sophie, enjoyed meeting him too.  9.25.08, 9:54am
Em  you are crazy pants jones is what you are. but i love you both! cheers to the 4 of you!  9.25.08, 9:45am
corey Grunewald  he's so cute!! i want to play with him!  9.25.08, 9:26am
JK Photography  OMG, I can smell the puppy breath now!! I love love love him and it is making me want to get another one :) I am sure this little guy is going to keep you VERY busy :) SO CUTE!!!  9.25.08, 9:24am
Alexa  I love him!!! He is so cute and I can't wait to meet him in Oct. I just want to squeeze him.  9.25.08, 8:54am
Jac  Wow Ksen! What an adorable little surprise! The boys are going to love him! How are Malick and Beebs adjusting? Congratulations! Can't wait to meet him!  9.25.08, 8:46am
Jo  OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THE NAME, LOVE THE PUP, LOVE THE LEASH, LOVE THE COLLAR, TOTALLY COOL, A+ PUPPY!!! You have to bring him to Chi-town to meet Bigfoot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  9.25.08, 8:35am
Lesley  My heart just melted a little bit. He is absolutely adorable. Congratulations on the new addition to your family!  9.25.08, 8:17am
E'Lisa  Oh My Gosh Ksen!!! When you told me about him I did not realize how absolutely CUTE he was going to be!!!!!! I am so happy for you!! What a handsome little cutie that I could just eat up with a spoon!! :)  9.25.08, 7:47am
Cindy  I will make sure not to chat with Nella when Ksen is traveling and leaves the Jones with Baba and Deda. The kids want you as there mother, I killed the fish, opps!  9.24.08, 10:52pm
heather essian  oh ma gah...! He's GORGEOUS :) I just want to smooch him on the nose. He's perfect Ksen!  9.24.08, 10:25pm
heather  OMGosh!!! He is adorable! He can be Ediths new boy toy! Congratulations, my kittens (aka kids) want to meet him NOW. Give him a kiss from the Saunders.  9.24.08, 10:02pm
Lindsay  ksenija - he is ADORABLE! you picked a good one! Neil is sooo jealous! :) I hope that the joy and laughter your new friend brings you also brings you a little happy down time in all of this craziness! :)  9.24.08, 9:34pm
Ned  One word "WOW"!!!! You did say that you would have a good one to post this week! Amazing and adorable! A regular animal kingdom at Ksen's house!  9.24.08, 9:17pm