ksen :)  i don't know how to say 'thank you' BIG enough so that you all would know exactly HOW much your words mean to me. thank you, thank you, thank YOU!!!!!!!  9.26.08, 10:53am
Laura Z.   Congratulations love!!! I regressed in my head to the childhood song of "first is the worst...second is the best...third is the...." well you know the rest! I couldn't be prouder of you! All my love...Laura  9.17.08, 12:17am
trish  Congrats ksen!!! Personally I think you should have came in 1st Place! Still, something to be VERY proud of. You're THE BEST!!!!  9.16.08, 6:28am
heather essian  Okay seriously??? Second year in business and you placed 2nd...?! That's just amazing Ksen!! You are definitely doing a lot right to receive that placement, I can only assume that next year you'll have that 1st place in the bag girl! Whoop Whoop!  9.15.08, 8:35pm
Sarah G  Congrats Ksenija!!! You are the best!  9.15.08, 1:11pm
Nenad  Congrats! 2nd Place is still very impressive! Next year we vote the Chicago way....Early and Often!!  9.14.08, 8:57pm
Cindy  It stands for.......Second to none!  9.14.08, 6:08pm
Aya  Proof that sooo many people recognize your talent and love your work girl. You've worked SO hard; I'm so incredibally proud of you! You're ALWAYS number ONE in my book!!!!!!  9.14.08, 12:28pm
joanne  Congratulations on the honor - God has blessed you with a wonderful gift!!  9.14.08, 10:15am
nicole  You are the best! :)  9.14.08, 8:47am
Foster Cryer  Dang . . . but you know that 2nd place is nothing to balk at! You're awesome and there's no disputing that! Have a great weekend!  9.13.08, 12:35pm
Mike  #2 ?! ....shoot..... we know the truth!  9.13.08, 6:38am
ohana photography ~ david & kimi b  congrats ksenija!!!! personally we think YOU should of won!!! you won in our book baby! have an awesome weekend number 1!!!  9.12.08, 11:59pm