Jennifer Eicher  Love the dance shot with SHERM! Yeah Music box..... :)  9.12.08, 4:13pm
heather saunders  So much fun! This looks like quite a party! You are so amazing at capturing really powerful emotion, another job well done! The details are to DIE for! Yummy!  9.10.08, 6:57pm
Heather @ Southern Weddings  This wedding looks like so much fun! What an adorable couple!  9.7.08, 10:09am
Lindsay and Neil  I know that I've told you before, but just to say it again, we LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures!!! We are so excited to see the rest of them, and have been getting nothing but compliments on them! We truly could not have asked for more - thank you SO much Ksenija (& Danielle too!!)  9.7.08, 12:09am
rob  AMAZING! very creative angles, sooooo colorful and super personable. You are Awesome!!!  9.6.08, 5:43pm
Heather Essian  Hello....that second image needs to be a HUGE canvas wrap! Love the dancing shots and the energy you captured at this wedding Ksen!  9.6.08, 9:10am
Stacy  What great photos!! You truly captured the beauty of Lindsay and Neil!  9.6.08, 7:33am
The Stiehl set of Gr'parents  Can't look at these enough!!! These are so lovely and capture the happiness not only of Lindsay and Neil but so many others-- Many Thanks and Blessings to you- Ksen and Danielle for this great gift!!!  9.5.08, 11:45am
Kelli  Beautiful job! Love the colors! LOVE LOVE the orange shot in the church!  9.5.08, 8:59am
margaret devries  You did a fantastic job Ksenija!! You have truly found your vocation. Thanks for being so gracious and pleasant to work with.  9.5.08, 8:45am
Beth Baker (lindsays mom)  Ksenija, I can't believe that you captured not just beautiful pictures.. but also the true emotions that went into that day! These pictues made me smile, laugh, and cry all over again!! I AM SO THRILLED that Lindsay and Neil chose you to be their photographer. I can't believe ANYONE would choose another photographer once they met you! YOU WERE WONDERFUL/TERRIFIC/FABULOUS TO WORK WITH!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU !!! Tell Danielle thank you too.. she was terriffic!!!  9.5.08, 7:58am
Aunt Pat  Lindsay and Neil - These are AWESOME!!!! I can't belive the number of shots that she and Danielle took - you made a great choice for your photogragher! Love you both -  9.5.08, 7:01am
ohana photography ~ david & kimi b  oh dear baby jesus that 1st shoe shot!!!!!! love love love that groom in the doorway! all your dance shots are full of crazy fun!!! love it! looked like a rad reception!  9.4.08, 10:43pm
Jac  Just had to say that I love all the details....great job putting it all together whomever did so--and great job Ksen for capturing it all!  9.4.08, 8:13pm