arden  Hey I am Heather Essian's second shooter and friend... just wanted to tell you that these shots are awesome and I love your use of color... the pop of one color amongst other neutral! You are very talented.  8.23.08, 1:22pm
justin . lyon  Ksenija!!!! WOW! Amazing work as always. I just had to tell you how ridiculously awesome the picture of them walking away on the left of frame on the golf course with the sun rays shining through is. FANTASTIC! Loving your work lately. High Fives!  8.22.08, 1:27pm
heather saunders  LOVE THESE! Such amazing shots, Ksen. I LOVE the shot with the champagne in the car. Really beautiful, love the post production too!  8.20.08, 11:19pm
abbyrose  hey ksen! just poppin' in to see what you've been up to - awesome work! dang, you post a lot of pics per wedding!! way to make me feel like a slacker ;-0  8.15.08, 2:14pm
Aya  Ksenija, you are always so great at capturing the essence of people and their emotions, but MYGAWD, it seems like nature just breathes with you too! The shots with Sherri, Robert and the magnificent nature backdrop is just breath taking. I absolutely love how you literally capture the "big picture" in every shot. I adore that you took the shot in the "bathroom stall" too. Lol. I had to do that with Michelle as well! That's what girlfriends/bridesmaids are for! ;-)  8.15.08, 11:15am
Brandy  These photos belong in a magazine.. Beautiful!  8.14.08, 6:25pm
caitlin  hi ksenija! i'm one of those people who checks your blog everyday but never comments. i love your work so much, it always makes me Feel. after seeing this post, i thought it was about time i speak up and tell you how much you seriously rock!!! keep it coming girl :)  8.14.08, 1:21pm
ksen :)  GOSH everyone!!! thank you, thank you SO much for all the love -- my face is the color of a red starburst right now! i truly appreciate it so very much. :D Robert -- thank you so much for your sweet words... you & Sherri were an absolutely pleasure to work with!!! i am so honored to have been the photog of your special day. :)  8.14.08, 12:29am
Amber  These are great! I am a big fan. ~Amber Dawn Wedding Consultants  8.13.08, 7:49pm
heather essian  ow ooowwww! B E A U T I F U L! Love the bride and groom portraits. Love x 2 the image of the couple walking up the hill with the sun beaming through clouds...perfection!  8.13.08, 6:49pm
david & kimi b ~ ohana photography  ok first off try as i might i cannot pic a fav! darn you!!! i must say i REALLY LOVE the ones where the sun is beaming through the clouds!!! every wedding you bust out is the shiz!! i wonder if my camera would be comfortable as a hat!!! rock on ksenija!!  8.13.08, 2:10pm
robert  Hey Ksenija!!! We are so excited to see some images and they are amazing! Sherri looked so beautiful, and you captured it. I love the golf course shots! So atmospheric! I had about 8 missed calls from Sherri at work trying to tell me they were up ( : Thank you so much for not only the great pics, but for being such a fun, calming presence for us on our big day!  8.13.08, 10:55am
aletha :: pearls events  gorgeous. what an amazing day and you captured it beautifully!  8.13.08, 9:00am
Jonathan Thrasher  WOW! What a post!! Great work!  8.13.08, 8:48am
Foster  awesomeness again! I absolutely love the images of Robert and Sherri on the hill . . . the lighting and mood from those two images blows me away. Can you say CANVAS? Anyways, you knocked another one out of the ball park.  8.13.08, 7:59am