angela  so if this doesn't make you want to go to alaska- i don't know what will!!! so breathtaking!!!  8.12.08, 9:47am
E'Lisa  I am just sitting here in awe....these are some of the best pics I have ever seen. Wow Ksen! The universe has given you quite a gift. The umbrella shot was my most favorite until I saw the puddle shots........just awesome! Rock it out girl! :)  7.25.08, 7:28pm
Aya  The puddle shots KILLED me!!!!! You are the coolest Ksen.  7.24.08, 11:43am
Emma  Ps. What is that song that you have on your website?? I love it!  7.24.08, 12:44am
Emma  Wow...this is an insaneley (is that a word?? =) beautiful wedding!! I am completely in shock at their wedding site! It is S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G! What an amazing opportunity you had and you rocked it! are amazing!!!! ps. I love the way you edit as well- makes everything even more amazing....=)  7.24.08, 12:41am
david & kimi b  YOU.OUTDID.YOURSELF!!! holy smokes!!!!!! i can't even begin to say how much @$$ you kicked!!! WOW WOW WOW! pure awesomeness = pure genius! love the bears! can't.go.on! wow.  7.23.08, 2:25pm
Heather Savas  Ksen, those reflection images are exactly what sets you apart from other photographers. You've accomplished exactly what you set out to do, combining art and soul... fabulous.  7.23.08, 1:02pm
amy  beautiful beautiful beautiful!  7.23.08, 12:27am
megan  Thank you... These pictures are more than we could have ever asked for I truly appreciate your time, effort and love you put into your work. Ryan and I couldn't be happier.  7.22.08, 7:28pm
tiffany izatt  These are beautiful! I love the personal touches, the locket rocks, it is amazing!  7.22.08, 5:12pm
Em  DUDE!!! There are no words to describe how thankful I am for you! You do amazing work and are one rad friend as well! I love you.  7.22.08, 10:49am
Kelli  LOVE the reflection shots and the Ring pix!!! Awesome!  7.22.08, 10:24am
Foster Cryer  Awesome pictures . . . these definitely help tell Megan & Ryan's story and like all your other photos, these are sweet!  7.22.08, 8:04am
Sue  Ksenija, Thank you so much. You captured the whole event. I can't stop smiling. Fabulous shots. You're the BEST!  7.21.08, 10:30pm
heather saunders  OMGGGGOOOSSHHH!!!! This is just gorgeous! I want to go right now. The shots with the bears are just once in a lifetime and the reflecting puddle series are absolutley one of a kind! Congrats to the beautiful couple and you rocked it once again sister ksen!  7.21.08, 10:13pm